Monday, November 21, 2016

Going back to Surinam - Nov 21st

Tonight I will be returning to Surinam, I´m really sad to leave Curacao, but I am so thankful for the beautiful experiences I have had here. I have met so many awesome people who I will miss very much and I am going to miss speaking and learning Papiamentu.

I will be serving in Paramaribo with Zuster Ashkraft and a new sister I haven´t met yet, but I hear she's awesome, so I´m looking forward to that.

Miracles this week:

- Hector is one of my favourite investigators, he's so prepared for the gospel and he is from Venezuela. We taught him the Word of Wisdom this week which he took very well. In fact he told us that day that a week before he felt like he should stop smoking, so he stopped for a week, however 2 people gave him two packs of cigarettes. He send one of hen away to Venezuela, as he didn't want to smoke it and then temptation over car him, so he started smoking. But during our lesson he told us that he wants to throw them away, which was really awesome.

- Maximo, teaching him the Plan of Salvation and he was just so amazed by everything and he absolutely loved it! He just kept saying: "This is excellent. What an excellent lesson."

-We also had the chance to meet with a contact we have never taught before, so it was going to be our first lesson with her. Actually, we planned to meet het for 6pm, however during the day we realised that we had a meeting at that time, so we went to her house at 3 pm, hoping she´d be home. Luckily she was and sh was really happy to see us. She said: "I prayed about you three because I wouldn't have been home at 6, so I prayed that God will sent you earlier and He did!" We talked bout prayer in that lesson and the Spirit was just so strong. We then invited her to pray and whilst she was praying, she started to cry, I think it was the most beautiful prayer Ive ever heard. She didn't use anything fancy but you could feel her sincerity and humility.

The last couple of days, I basically said goodbye to a few people, which was sad. But President Egbert and is wife came this weekend and we had a mission tour with Elder Gonzales and is wife. It was really awesome and great receiving advice from a General Authority about our mission.

The highlight of the week however was Peeto coming to church again (our less active). He absolutely loved the Young Men camp and he came in his Sunday best! I´m going to miss him so much and seeing the progress he is making, but I know that he is in good hands!

Hope that everyones week was fantastic, keep reading the Book of Mormon.

Love you all,

Hermana Vernes

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