Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hurricane - Oct 3rd

Crazy week because we had a storm which meant we had to be inside for 2 days. On Thursday & Friday Curacao was supposed to have a hurricane, so we had to prepare and fill all our pots, trash cans, cups and bowl with water. We also had to have enough food. Well the hurricane honestly was nothing but we weren't allowed to go out as we didn't know when it will get worse. it was just some lightening, thunder & rain. Surinam is worse during raining season, those 2 days were quite boring but we sure did a lot of studies.

Preparing for the hurricane

Monday we taught a huge group of different families and had FHE. Which was also really hard as everyone loves to talk so we had to basically put our hand up in order to show their time to talk was over. It was a lot of fun though, we played the cereal box game.

We received a referral from a member, however he kept giving us the wrong address and we don't have the number of the referral. Due to the wrong address we were actually able to contact a lot of really cool people, one of them is Ryan, he and his friend were sitting outside, as we couldn't find the house we stopped and asked Ryan if he could help us. They both a lot of questions bout our church so we shared a short message about the Book of Mormon. Ryan's friend growing up has heard some weird rumours about Mormons, he said that he was told there was a place where all Mormons live. Which is called the Mormon-land, of course not true, there were others things which I can't remember though. he was awesome though because when we were explaining the Book of Mormon, he just kept saying: "Wow that so cool" Before we left we wanted to say a prayer but the one guy wasn't really feeling it and Ryan then said: "I need a lot of prayers, I want to change my life around."

So, we been meeting up with Ryan and he's truly awesome! He read all of the testimonies and introduction and when we came over, he was so excited that he told us all of it! Before we came he even prayed to ask if Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and if the book was true. Which is just so crazy because NO ONE EVER DOES THAT!! We then asked him if he can offer a kneeling prayer and ask with us...I have never heard such sincere and heartfelt prayer like his.

The highlight of course was General Conference! It was amazing!! There were just so many talks that touched my heart. I honestly can't remember which ones anymore but I did take notes and I can't wait for the Liahona to come out to read them again.

I hope everyone had a great week, one you all! Ami tin cu bai (I gotta go)

Hermana/Zuster Vernes

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