Monday, January 30, 2017

I know that what you are saying is true - Jan 30

We had another lesson with Marilin (Brazilian/Dominican) and it turns out that she used to visit the LDS church quite regularly in the Dominican Rep and she absolutely loves it. When we went over she was super excited to tell us that she read from the Book Of Mormon, she´s now in 1 Nephi 4!! Which was super awesome. As she was explaining to us that she has been reading, she held it close to her heart and she told us that she loves reading from it! It was super awesome. As we finished teaching her the Restoration, she had tears in her eyes and she said: "I know that what you are saying is true."
She is just so awesome, we´ll be bringing a member with us to our next lesson, her name is Marilla, she speaks Portuguese and English. I am very excited for her to come out teaching with us.

Had some awesome contacts this week, one of them is Sham, he´s probably round 50 and he´s a Hindu. Anyways, he invited us to sit down with him, we then get to talking about God and he started to cry. He then stands up and says: Let me give you some juice."
Zuster Bokai asks me: "Why is he crying?"
Me: "I don't know."
We were just so taken back by it as he is a very tough guy, so we didn't expect it all. He returns and we continue talking about God and he just wept. It was a very tender moment.
He then says: "God sent you here. He sent you because I need to know about the gospel."
Our next appointment is this week with him, we are excited to see him.

We went by another investigator, Shurly, who we haven't been able to visit. She told us that she´s been reading the Book of Mormon (BOM) and she really loves reading it. She is now in 1 Nephi 13
It was perfect as we were teaching her about the BOM, she just had a smile on her face the entire time whilst we were teaching. We invited her to be baptised but she said that it would be hard as she is Hindu. But she did say: "If God answers prayers to know if this is true, than I will want to be baptised."

This week was the Worldwide Broadcast which changed our schedule a lot but I like it.

Ashween wants to be baptised, which is super awesome! He´s been coming to church every week and he absolutely loves it! He told his Mom that he doesn't want to leave the church, which is sweet.
A member came out to teach with us and it turns out that the member is friends with his Mom and they have known each other for more than 40 years. So it was awesome having her bear her testimony about the Plan of Salvation.

We went by Mary and brought the Young Woman President with us and our lesson was amazing! Zuster Parabiersingh bore a very powerful testimony of the BOM and invited Mary to come to church. Unfortunately she didn't come but I know if we keep on bringing the members that she will come to church.

With Zuster Bokai

We also had the opportunity to help out at a wedding, which was great. We made some cookies and decorated with balloons.
The members go crazy over the cookies.

Hope everyone had a good week.
Love you & speak soon.

Zuster Vernes

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Members support are needed for missionary work - Jan 23rd

This will be a short one and I´m sorry in advance...I didn't take any pictures this week.

We weren't able to go out for 2 days as my companion got sick. And then the first day we went out..her bike broke, which was a struggle. So, then I had to hold on with my left hand to her steering wheel and I then biked us over to our house...which was a little far...but it was fun. Luckily we have a great senior couple, so they then took care of the bike once we got home and then we were able to go out again.

We visited Emma, our investigator, and her boyfriend was also there, which was great cuz its hard to catch him. As we were teaching about the Restoration, the boyfriend shared his very sincere testimony of all the things that we shared. He would constantly say:"The Book of Mormon is true, I know that it is. I also know that I need to come back to church."
So it was really great hearing him say those things and I know it helped Emma feeling the Spirit as well.

One of the days, this week, we went contacting for 2 hours and no one really seemed to be listening and didn't want us to come back. We then went by a potential investigator, Millie, who only speaks Portuguese, and luckily she was home. She immediately invited us in, she was really sad as her dog died the day before. We started teaching the restoration (in Papiamento, it seems to work) and it was great seeing her feel more uplifted. We have another appointment later today, so I am looking forward to that.

There is a RM (returned missionary) who came back and she´s really awesome, she wants to go out with us...which is great, as we need the members to support...without them we can not do missionary work. However, the investigators, always seem to cancel right before we get there, so hopefully we´ll be able to get her out teaching with us.

Loes (recent convert) is doing GREAT! She really loves the gospel and has a strong desire to share it with others! Which just gives me so much joy! She has changed a lot and is very missionary minded.

Ashween, came to church, it was really great as some elders carried him up (he's handicapped) and down the stairs for the classes. Another investigator, who is super solid from the elders, was sitting next to him and kept him company. It just warms my heart when others pay attention to him and talk to him. During our lesson he told us: "I love this gospel, since I´ve been in this church everything seems to be going well and the people are nice."

Hope everyone´s week was fantastic, speak to you soon!
Zuster Vernes

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Awesome week - Jan 16th

This week was awesome! We visited Sister Salijo, known for the best Souto Soup! She will be going to America soon with her husband to visit a ton of members. She then talked about when she got sealed to her husband and what a special and sacred experience that was for her. It just made me appreciate temples even more, and I really can not wait to go to the temple, I miss it so much.

Friday was the highlight of the week, so many good things happened!


Roxanne, our investigator, we planned on teaching her the Book of Mormon, however whilst we were biking to her house, I had a strong feeling that we should be teaching the Plan of Salvation. It also turned out that we forgot to bring a Book of Mormon for her. When we arrived, her best friend Zippora, was there and so we decided to teach Plan of Salvation. It was a really good lesson.
They were both very engaged, and when we ended the lesson Zippora said. "This is the answer to my prayer." She then looked over to Roxanne, who nodded. Roxanne then explains: "Now I know what God wants me to do, He sent you here to help me, thank you so much for everything."
My companion and I both didn't really know what to say, it was a very special moment and we were all pretty emotional. But we promise her that God knows her and that He truly loves her.
Unfortunately, Zippora does not live in our area, so we gave her to the elders.

We gave Loes, who was recently baptised, a General Conference magazine, when we went by her house...she was SO excited. And told us all the talks that have touched her. She then says: "I´m going to give this to my sister so then she can read it and feel the joy the I am experiencing."
Her sister has been supporting her from the beginning and also came to her baptism. She has declined the offer for missionaries to come over but hopefully she will be able to read the magazine.

We also visited Remi, he´s pretty funny and a talker, he went to grab some water for us, when he came back he had a large bucket in one hand and two glasses in the other. The bucket was very dirty and in it was frozen water. He then poured the water that was melted into our glasses but he then noticed that the water isn't very clear. I pointed out that the bucket was dirty which is the cause for the water to change its colour. He yells in Dutch: "IK HOU NIET VAN DAT." (I DONT LIKE THAT) threw the bucket in a bush and started laughing, you just gotta love him, he has got a deep love for the Saviour.

Remy, who loves the Saviour

It also started to rain, pouring, which I do not like. As we were biking to another appointment, all these weird brown insects where just EVERYWHERE! And attacking us! It was horrible, I literally felt like I was Harry Porter when he was trying to get the key with the broken wing and all the other keys are attacking him. They went into our mouths, nose, eyes and ears. Those bugs are the worse.

with Erma

An investigator would always offer us coffee, tea or wine. As we then explained that we do not drink those type of beverages, she then says: "Okay, I will give a Pina Colada with ice."
Her daughter says: "Mom, they don't drink alcohol."  Mom: "But, its with ice."
Maybe she thought the ice cube will dilute it.

Didn't take many pictures this week sorry, but I love you all and hope that everyone had a great week.
Speak to you soon!

Zuster Vernes

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I love Zone conference - Jan 9th

I can't believe I will soon only have 5 months  left...this is going WAY too fast!

Highlights of this week:

Mission president came and we had Zone conference, which was super awesome, I really love zone conference as we are learning from each other and improving our areas.

I´ve got to mention Glenn, he's an investigator, and will be baptised on Jan 28th...he´s so awesome, he's been marking in his scriptures, coming to church and he stopped smoking! Which was awesome! He received a priesthood blessing to help him resist smoking. It has been really great teaching him and he's so excited to be baptised! Whilst we were teaching Glenn, this random guy interrupted the lesson and said: "Can I sing about prayer?" Zuster Bokai and I: "Sure."
He then started singing in Sranan and pulled out some interesting dance moves. It lasted for about 5 minutes and then he left. It was super weird. But, we still had a great lesson with Glenn.

Every Monday we have a Family Home Evening (FHE) with the Kersout family, it really make my day seeing them. Chelsey (daughter) brought her friend a long to FHE which was really great. We planned it so that we all rotate to have FHE and its been really great seeing them to come closer as a family and also to the Saviour.

with Ashween (in the orange shirt) He´s great! 

On Tuesday we had an exchange and I had the privilege to work with Zuster Baker, she´s a lot of fun and full of energy, which is great!

We also saw one of my favourite less actives, Rudy. During the lesson we asked him why he isn't coming to church anymore and he said that he doesn't really know why but he really wants to come.
We then asked him what can we do to help him. He then says: "You are helping me more than you know."
It really touched me hearing him say that! Its nice to know that our hard work is changing peoples lives whether we know it or not and sometimes it takes years until they change their lives around. But it just showed me to never give up!

Brother Simon

We had a really good lesson with Roxanne, she's an investigator, and we taught her the Restoration and it felt right to ask her that when she receives an answer if our message is true, if she will follow the example of Jesus Christ and get baptised...and she said yes without hesitation!
She´s really great and has taught me many things!

Sister Salik, a "crazy" guyanese member, I love her 

Time I better make these 5 last months count ;)

I love you all so much, speak to you soon!
Zuster Vernes

Sister Salik made us some Ginger soup because it rained

The Naoja´s are back ,)

Big lizard

Monday, January 2, 2017

6 months left! Jan 2nd 2017

Super crazy to think that I only have 6 months left! I really love serving here, I really just love not to think about myself and feeling the Spirit every day - the whole day!

This week we got fed by literally EVERYONE!!! Like every hour, the food just kept coming, I´m surprised I haven't thrown up by the amount of mountains of rice that I have eaten.

We did a lot of service, mainly just baking stuff and dropping them off at some members and investigators - they loved it - which was great!

Ashween, I absolutely love him, he carries such a special spirit with him, he is different from others as he's handicapped, however he is my favourite person to teach. One day, we went over to his house to surprise him, and he was SO happy to see us, it just really warms my heart.
We asked him to read in the Restoration pamphlet and I can't tell you how strong the Spirit was!
It was really beautiful. He is really awesome and such a great example to me! He is so humble, patient, loving and full of charity. He´s been coming to church as well which is really awesome.

Also, we went to visit an investigator, who has been investigating for a really long time, we took the Relief Society President with us, which was great!
The investigator said: "I hope I can be baptised in the new year." She need to solve something before she can be baptised but...
She has a strong desired to be baptised and I have no doubt that she will!

A few weeks ago, when Zuster Parker and I were still companions, we would ask EVERYONE for referrals including the people we contact. So one day a family that we contacted gave us their daughter as a referral. We have been trying to get in contact with her, but no luck, she would be either sleeping or not at home. So, the day I decided to let it go, we went to our investigators house, Sita, and had a great lesson about the Restoration. When we started biking we saw a girl standing outside...the moment I saw her, I just knew that it was Daniela (the referral), so we stopped to talk to her...and it WAS her. We then got her information and made an appointment to see her on a different day!

Love you all so much, speak to you soon!

Zuster Vernes