Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Developing Christlike attributes - Sep 13th

This week was awesome as usual. More down than ups but I don´t get discouraged anymore! I try to see the positive in everything and through the not so fun parts you get to develop more Christlike attributes.

With the Kersout family we played the cereal box game, where you cut the cereal box and try to grab it with just your mouth, so much fun! I have grown to love this family by the minute. And it has helped them to open up a lot more to us and now we just feel like we are part of their family!

The gate to our house broke so we had to climb over it in order to get inside and then our front door didn't want to lock. We called our landlord and he took our key but he did not fix it for a good few days which was a little scary as we could not lock the door. But I know that angels kept protecting us from any danger and luckily it is now fixed ,)

Very strange that I have reached my half mark, I don't like think about it because I LOVE being a missionary!

Melinda, our investigator, I love her so much! She has´t been praying about the Book of Mormon yet and she finds it hard to close a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, as she has learned t differently. However, in our lesson we invited her to pray and specifically ask God  if the Book of Mormon is true. Whilst she was praying, my companion and i had a little prayer in our hearts, that she can remember to close in the name of the Saviour. And SHE DID!!! Not only that but the Spirit was just so incredibly  strong! I love teaching her!! She is very smart and just incredible, I´m so excited to see where this will go.

Brother Simon is a old guyanese man, we have to basically shout whilst speaking to him as his hearing is very bad. We had a very good lesson with him. Before we started our lesson we asked him how many snapbacks (hats) he own as he always has a different one. He laughed for ages!! To the point where we could see tears in his eyes, he then responded: "Sister, just one" which is definitely not true but it was pretty funny.

I think it was last week when we taught Amisha how to bike. Anyways, when we went this week...she was biking like a pro! She then told us that her cousin (9) wants to learn how to bike, so we were able to teach her too.

Our favourite Sister Salik, is also from Guyana, she is the craziest and funniest woman I have ever met. Everyone knows her and loves her. She told us to wear our bags as hats and made us dance with her. It was so funny.

One time we "klopped" (knocked) at her house and she opened the door yelling: "Sisters welcome"

Saturday we got to do some service at Ezzard´s house (yard work) good thing the Elders came to help because it was a lot of work, my arms are so sore.

Lot of work to do

Love giving service

Working hard

Sunday, everything fell through, but thats okay we just decided to go contacting. Its not always as much fun, as it seems in the LDS movies, anyways no one wanted to listen but we still stayed optimistic. We then pass a van and Zuster Parker says: " The monkey was going crazy in there" so I thought: "Sweet, we can contact them and hold a monkey"
The monkey was going crazy in there and we decided to save it. Once we flopped, we noticed that there was Chinese sign, so we figured that the owner won't be speaking any english or dutch. The man looked at us then said: "Oh" and went back inside his house. I then thought: "Great another rejection". However we were determined to save the monkey. After 3 minutes 3 Chinese men came out of the house, looking a bit intimidating to us, 2 of them went inside the van and the monkey cringed onto his owner and they drove off. So yes, I still haven't hold one ;)
The owner of the house was super nice but he only spoke Sranan (Surinamese) so we couldn't really communicate but God somehow made it clear to us what he was saying and he could understand from our body language what we were saying. We also then called a member who speak Chinese and amid an appointment with Zhang. I can't wait to see how this lesson will go.

Love you all, keep reading the scriptures!

Zuster Vernes

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