Thursday, November 10, 2016

I can understand Papiamento! - Oct 17th

Bon tardi! (Good afternoon!)

Highlight of this week: experiencing the gift of tongues, not saying I´m fluent not even close, but I can bear my testimony and pray in Papiamento and also understand certain people which is really awesome!
Sometimes studying it can be really boring as I much rather go out than staying inside for another hour, but I have noticed through studying that Heavenly Father helps me remember the things I have learned during lessons.

My favourite sentence to say is: Nos ta biba i traha pa scribe Dios -we live and work to serve God.

This week we were still a little sick so we had to stay in for a little bit per (but) for the majority we were out and serving the Lord...sirbi dos Dios - serve our Lord.

We have had some insects in our house, most of it I had to kill which doesn't gross me out, thanks to Surinam, but had a small cockroach in our study room, some weird worm thing and this morning we had maggots. those things just don't want to die, we got all of our cleaning supplies, including bleach, but they are warriors, so we had to hit them with our was gross!

Spiritual experiences this week:

- we put Elka & Juan(members) on the 21 day challenge, I love this challenge its the best! Any ways the are pretty excited to share the gospel with others and reading the Book of Mormon.

- we had a great lesson with Ryan, we taught  him the Plan of Salvation, during his prayer he said: !I want to know if the Book is true, cuz I am empty inside and I want to make a change in my life"

-Hector & Jesus (investigators) are AWESOME! They are very in tune with the Spirit and very educated. they said they already know that Joseph Smith is a profeta (prophet) and the are super excited to start reading the Book of Mormon.

- my favourite lesson was with Rosita, she lives super far from us but its SO worth the bike ride. The minute she saw us, she ha a huge smile on her face. And just hugged us forever! She then says: !I know God has sent you here. I know you have a special message to share with me." She is so Christlike, I think the reason were there is for us to learn from her! She has touched my heart in so many different ways. I hop to always remember what the Spirit has taught me in that lesson! When we left, she gave us a hug and whispered some very touching words in our ears.

- we also went contacting last night, Sister Palmer got chased by 2 dogs, it was super crazy as she was biking as fast as she could, but the dogs were just faster and we could hear her scream for 5 minutes straight! Eventually the owner yelled at the dogs and the owner was awesome, her name is Nookie and she has a son and basically a farm. She has a goat that we always pass by. We are super excited to teach her and her family.

Well, that is all the time I have for today, I hope everyone is doing well! Don't forget to read, pray and serve others!

Ami so cu Jose Smith ta un profeta, ami sa cu famia por biba pa semper, ami sa cu Dios ta stima nos hopi! (I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, I know that family can be together forever, I know that God loves us very much!)

Speak to you soon!

Zuster Vernes

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