Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Meeting awesome people - Nov 14th

WOW, this week was really awesome!! Every week is really awesome, but this week was very special!

First off, I can't believe that tomorrow I will be out for 11 moths!! It doesn't feel like that at all, it feels like I just came out.

- we got to see one of my favourite investigators, I just really love teaching Nookie, she warm up my heart. We had a great lesson with her, she told us that last week, when we sang to her and her friend that when we left her friend started to cry. I personally don't think it was because of our voices but the hymn we sang: Nearer, my God to thee. I ma so grateful for the hymns we have and that we can find comfort in them. I especially love the ones that pioneers would sing whilst traveling toward Zion like: Come, come ye Saints.

Contacting is fun!

My companion caught a lizard...which was pretty impressive..I really wanted to do it, but I am really scared that they will bite me. Plus, when she was holding it...it went super crazy, it was kind of scary and the three of us are just screaming and then its tail fell off and we felt pretty bad. (The tail was still moving though)

We also got to see sweet Maria! She´s a member and she always cook for us, which can be kind of scary as her food contain pigs feet. Luckily i have never had the chance to eat them...YET.
We talked about the Book of Mormon with her, we then asked: "How did you feel when you started to read the Book of Mormon?"
Maria: "I used to cry whenever I read it, but I couldn't read the words, so I had to pray every single time to have Heavenly Father help me to stop crying. Now I can read His words and it makes me very happy, I feel secure and peace."

Whilst contacting, we met Taddi, she was very open to our message and we sat on her doorsteps and talked about God. I can not tell you how much i love this time of my life. Just being able to meet so many amazing people and just talk to them about our Father in Heaven.
We invited her to watch the Restoration movie, we wanted her to watch the short version which is about 20 minutes, however she watched the super long one which was really awesome as she told us all about it this week. She really loved it.

Contacting is pretty fun as you meet some really awesome people and sometimes just people that are a little crazy but always journal worthy ,)
One time, a guy told us: "I´m full in my Jesus." So he wasn't interested.

- activity with the members going contacting with us, which at first I was a little sceptical about...but it turned out to be a huge faith builder! The members got so excited to do missionary work and the contacted A LOT of people. It was really awesome to see members walking with pamphlets and their little stickers which said: Future Missionary and talking to everyone.

- just amazing, we had 3 investigators come to church, which they absolutely loved AND Pieto (16 yr old, less active, when we first met he said he is "male matcho" (bad boy and didn't believe any more)...I can't describe the feeling that overcame me seeing him in church! My companions and I just had tears in or eyes. he has changed so much and he's reading his Book of Mormon and just making so many good choices. He is even going to Young Mens camp this weekend! Now we just have to bring back his parents and siblings.

Hermana Christina came out teaching with us on Sunday, she normally does it every Sunday! 
She´s awesome!!

I hope everyone had a good week! I love you all!

Hermana Vernes

Ayo (Goodbye)

The Curacao wind is too strong

We are Catholics, do not bother us, not interested

Senior couple treated us to some pizza

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