Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nicest rejection this week - Oct 31st


We have been visiting our investigator Nookie a lot. We mainly do a lot of service at her house as she is is planning for a birthday party.  Whilst we were cutting up some decoration, my companions and I were singing: "Nearer my God to Thee", we really enjoy singing together and we don't sound too bad. Any ways, Nookie then says: "DO you have a CD of you three singing? I want to listen to it." We told her no, but we explained that it was from a Hymn and the words of the song really touched her. So, we will be singing soon for her, I really just love singing hymns it has such special Spirit.

We had the nicest reaction this week..whist contacting in our area, we met a super nice Dutch lady doing some gardening. We asked her if she believed in God, she says: "Lately, I´m not so sure anymore, I have never believe in Him but he saved my life." She told us an amazing story where God has been in her life, however she says she isn't ready yet to hear the gospel. This is what she told us: "Would it be rude to say I´m not ready yet?" We are mostly used to slamming doors or just people straight up hiding from us. I´m excited for the next missionaries to find her in the area book and contact her when she´s ready.

Finally, we have two investigators on dates, which is awesome! We have been working really hard and they are really cool. I just love teaching people the gospel, whether they accept it or not, after every lesson I feel my faith and testimony growing more and more. But, its amazing to see the changes people make in their lives for the gospel!

Lately, we have been contacting a lot, so Hermana Palmer decide to spice things up in her prayer, she asked for us to know how many people we will be able to contact. After the prayer, we all looked at each other and on the count of three...we said...the number that the Spirit told us. Amazingly, we all had the same number and we did indeed contact the amount the Spirit told us! It was such a beautiful experience witnessing that! It was still hard contacting people as a lot of them just didn't want to listen, but I know God lead us the way to whom was ready.

I am sorry that this a shorter one but I had a beautiful week and soon you will hear all of my stories. Plus I personally always find the pictures the best part or missionary letters ;)

I hope every one had a fantastic week and Happy Halloween to every one ;)

A long the coast


Food, we get fed so much...a lot of RICE!

People are so nice to us!

Scary looking dog

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