Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Spirit is truly amazing! Nov 1st

Helping Hands service project

This week was certainly different. One of my companions, Hermana Johnston, got pretty sick, so  this whole week she wasn't able to go out and teach, so she stayed with another sister, who also isn't able to go out, which meant Hermana Palmer and I, who are still struggling with this language, went out and taught people in Papiamento. It would honestly surprise us every lesson how we were able to teach people in their language and being able to understand them. Of course it had all to do wth God helping us and blessing us with the gift of tongues. i really love speaking Papiamento, its so much fun, I just hope I can keep it up when  get back to Surinam.

We visited an inactive member, Hermana Jorge, she´s quite old and doesn't remember ANYTHING! Like she doesn't remember her baptism, the church, the members, the Book of Mormon...nothing!
In her mind, she still thinks she's catholic and she would always say: "I just need the bible."
Any ways we visit her every Monday ad teach her the gospel, she has been starting to read the Book of Mormon and she started saying some members names and she even remembered how she felt when she went to church! She remembered loving it. She also said this: "When I read the Book of Mormon, I never want to stop because I receive more knowledge."
I have seen a HUGE change in her!

Also, we had an exchange on Wednesday with the Aruba sisters, they have to fly in from Aruba to Curacao, in order to have exchanges. I was with Hermana Buckhave and she´s super sweet. I was able to learn a lot from her. We had a lot of fun together.

We were walking towards our next appointment, then all of the sudden Hermana Buckhave´s eyes widened...she looks at me and says: "Its coming!!" Me: "What?"
Buckhave: "I can't stop it! I have diarrhoea, its coming!"
We then start running to see if we can use any ones bathroom, but then we would feel bad as it would smell pretty bad. Luckily, I remembered, that Pizza Hut is right around the corner, so we then ran as fast as we can! Luckily JUST in time, it was pretty funny though.

Our investigate, Nookie, is still doing good, I really love her, its so much fun teaching her as she is very sensitive to the Spirit. As Hermana Palmer and I were closing she says: "Before you go, I have to tell you something." I immediately thought: "Great, Nookie is dropping us"
Nookie: "Since you girls have been visiting me, some things have happened." LONG PAUSE
"You always pray that I can find a job. I just wanted to say thank you, because I found one and i´m starting tomorrow. Since you have been visiting me a lot of good things have happened."
I know, we had very little to do with her finding a job, but I know through her faith, prayers and trying to find one, Heavenly Father has blessed her with one.

We have been contacting A LOT!! Which is fun (sometimes) but we have found some really awesome people!

I wasn't able to take as many pictures this week...the church had a Helping Hands service project which was so much fun!

I love you all so much! Speak to you soon!

Hermana Vernes

Appeldam fruit

Puppy kisses attack ;)

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