Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Leaving Surinam - Sep 19th

Tomorrow I will be leaving Surinam! Due to a visa problem, Zuster Parker and I will be serving in Curacao for approximately 3 months!

So that has been stressing me out this week, saying goodbye to people, I´m pretty sad to leave just because I really love the people Ive been working with! I´m worried about certain less actives and investigators but I also know that I do have a purpose in Curacao. But then again at the same time I am pretty excited to serve there ;)

I was online this morning but then we had a power cut, we are currently at a sketchy cyber place so i don't want to risk sending pictures and then getting a virus as that has happened to previous missionaries. So you´ll just have to be patient and wait till next week.

I hope that everyone remembers the Chinese guy that we contacted, any ways he is super cool! He is very interested in the church, a friend of his has given him a Book of Mormon however Zhang lost it when he moved. His wife actually started investigating as well. he told us that he respects what we are doing and he wants to know more! I´m a little sad as I won't be able to teach him due to the transfer. But i know that he will be in good hands and there is a reason why God has lead us to his house!

This week we also had an opportunity to teach Zuster Nahoja dutch. (They moved here as they were being obedient to Gods commands in keeping the law of the land) She's so sweet and it was so much fun teaching her. I never realised how hard it is for others to make the "G" sound. It was pretty entertaining though.

I am also trying to learn Sranan Tongo which is fun. I can pray in it so that is cool but I might have to pause on that now in order to learn Spanish and Papiamento.

Sorry this is short but just know that i love you all so much!
Speak soon!

Zuster Vernes

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