Thursday, November 10, 2016

Zone Conference! Oct 24th

Hermana Johnston and me

At Zone Conference

We have been experiencing some crazy lightening and a really bad storm during the night. I didn't really mind it as I basically slept through it, but my companions were pretty scared and woke me up. It just reminded me of the times when Germany would have storms and lightening...and Dad would burst into my room and take pictures from my window :)

Zone Conference was amazing as usual!! I really love Zone conference, it gets all the missionaries pumped up to work harder! We had 2 commitments: 1 to pray for a baptism this transfer and 2 to pray why we are in this mission and in this area.

I am super excited and have seen already so many miracles from those prayers! i love my companions, we work really well together and we work hard!

During the  Zone conference a recent convert came and bore her testimony, it was so absolutely beautiful! There were so many wonderful things said but I want to share one specific part of her testimony which touched my heart. She tells us when she first sees the missionaries: "I saw the missionaries when they were still at a far distance. the minute I saw them I felt something in my heart, I knew it was the Spirit. I could feel those dos were different and they brought a special peace to my house."

Her testimony made me realise that people really do notice us and I don't mean missionaries but they recognise and feel that we are different! it is so important to always be worthy to have the Spirit with you at all times! So then, they can feel why we are different.

This Sister is from Ecuador & she fed us during the week, she´s super nice

Lots of miracles just as any other week:

- Hector & Jesus, they are so awesome and just so hungry for the spiritual food. They have been keeping all of their commitments besides coming to church due to work. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they just kept asking so many good questions which was great because you could see the excitement in their eyes and the Spirit that they felt. I love teaching them, in Hector´s prayer, he just kept repeating how thankful he is that he met us. it was awesome.

- Due to appointments falling through, we were able to meet up with a less active member, who never wanted to sit with us  even though we visit her son and granddaughter. However this time the son and granddaughter weren't home and she had a chance of heart and let us in. We had a wonderful lesson with her and she even asked when we can come back to visit her!

- Also we saw a big change of heart in the Palanco family, the youngest boy (16) named Pito, is kind of like a "rebel" at least thats how he introduced himself when we first met him. he said: "I´m a bad boy, I don't believe, church isn't important" etc. However during the weeks lesson that we´ve had with him, he has had a change of heart!! He actually listens during the lessons, he participates and HE READS!!  Which is just awesome!! We invited him to come to church and he said he really wants to. I am so excited for this family.

Well, the craziest thing that happened this week...must´ve started about 2 days ago...whenever we bike home, we pass this house with a lady who always greets us and is just super nice. However we never came around to actually contact her. So, yesterday when ALL of our night appointments were falling through, we decided to visit her. We bike over and Yelled: "BON NOCHI"" (GOOD EVENING), but no one was home. As we were trying to figure out who to see next, a white car pulled up...the window rolled down and I heard: "Amy"
I recognised the voice immediately! But was just so in shock that I couldn't reply! My companions, however, thought that this person said. "Baby" so then they were very shocked when he called my name again and I said: "Yes?"

Any ways, he gets out, we run toward each other...and hug! Its Yushua cousin, aka my best friend! It was SUPER weird but so GREAT at the same time!! And guess what...he only lived one street before me! We are practically neighbours! So then, we went to his house and had an awesome lesson with him, and I guess he´s kind of our investigator now ;)

I hope every ones week was awesome! I love you all so much!

Hermana Vernes

At a members house, we get fed so A LOT! 

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