Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sick - Oct 10th

This week has been differently as I was mostly home, both my companions were sick so then I got sick too. We are all still a little sick so hopefully we`ll get better soon. I do have a few highlights for the times when we were able to go out.

- Monday: Ryan, our investigator, we had a wonderful lesson with him and he just really wants to know if the Book of Mormon is true. He wanted us to tell him all the time how we came to know that the scriptures are true. I like telling people how I developed a testimony, not that it is anything big, it was little things. It all basically started with reading as a family and feeling the Spirit even though I did not recognised it as the Spirit. Then one I got older I started to reading un tiki tiki (little by little), then started praying. It´s not that I ever heard a voice saying that its true. But from the feeling that I would get whilst reading it, confirmed me through my many prayers that the Book of Mormon truly is the Word of God!
There was a special Spirit in that lesson whilst testifying of the Book of Mormon, I hope that all of you are reading it even if just un tiki. But you have to star somewhere!

- Elida, super old lady, she´s so cute, she told us that through the Book of Mormon she actually learned how to read! Which was just super sweet. Being on my mission I have developed a strong desire to go visiting teaching when I get home. I have learned the importance of it. Lids does´t get many visitors at all, so she always have the brightest smile whenever we visit her.

We also went contacting this a lot of Dutch people really do not like to listen to missionaries, but I actually love speaking to them as I can talk to them in Dutch, which seems to soften their hearts ;) Through contacting though, we find a lot of prepared people. One of them is a huge Venezuelan family and I can't wait to continue having lessons with them! They are awesome!

All the other days, I was inside but I had some good studies and I was able to watch the Testament 5 times! Its a good movie though, if you are ever at home I´d recommend watching it ;)

I love you all so much, I´ll speak to you soon!

Hermana Vernes

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