Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Conta bai? (How are you?) - Sep 29th

So, learning Papiamento is so hard! But Im studying it every day and I can say a few phrases. I was given the opportunity to bear my testimony yesterday, in Papiamento. I did the beginning and then the rest in Dutch. I would´ve never thought I would say this, but i miss speaking Dutch. I actually really love speaking in Dutch!

Tuesday till Thursday, I was in Trinidad, so it was really cool being there and getting to know more people. We had Zone meeting which was awesome!. I also had to fill and update some paperwork for my visa for Surinam. And got the chance to proselyte with Sister Ortiz & Hermana/Zuster Peterson. Herman Peterson used to serve in the ABC islands so she taught me some Papiamento. President Egbert also gave me a blessing before I left.

Hermana Johnston & Palmer

Thursday night I got to meet my new companions, Hermana Johnston & Palmer, they are awesome! Very obedient, which i like and just very motivated to do the Lords work. Sometimes during the lessons when I don´t understand anything, I miss being in Surinam, but then I try to remember that this is the Lords time and that I should just be grateful to serve at all!

Curacao of course is BEAUTIFUL, very HOT and has A LOT OF HILLS!!! Not fun to bike!

I find it a lot easier to go contacting here, every one is actually pretty interested in the gospel and they are pretty chill and just super chill ;) We almost have a lunch appointment every day! The classic is just rice with a lot of other things. We get fed so much!

The highlight of this week: we visited a less active family and the mom told us during our visit, the Spirit that I an feel is undeniable strong, its a wake call and I want to come back to church!

The gospel is so true. I love it!

Ayo (goodbye)

Hermana Vernes




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