Monday, June 20, 2016

Zone conference May 16th

This week President & Sister Egbert came, it was awesome!! Zone conference was about temples I learned so much from it, I miss going to the temple. I love the spirit you feel when you enter the House of the Lord. I encourage you to go to the temple. It is the closest thing to heaven we have here on earth.

I ran over a snake on Monday. I t really scared me because I didn't expect it at all. And at first i could not tell what it was but then I had a closer look...I couldn't help but scream! Unfortunately I could not take a picture as this was a very busy road. Perhaps next time.

Our investigator Hugo is doing very well. He prays a lot about the law of Chastity and he then talks to his girlfriend about it. He even went to the Binnenland (basically in the jungle, his girlfriend is currently taking care of her mom) just so he could explain it to her in person. he asked her to maary him. However her mom is against it and keep asking:Why do you want to marry now? My daughter wont marry.
Its very rare for people to get married here and when the do its very strange, it just isn't tradition. Hugo, however, has been considering moving out, he also spoke to his boss and said he no longer wants to work on Sunday because that's when he needs to be at church. It was amazing when he told us this cuz we never even went over the ten commandments. He also doesnt drink or smoke anymore. We also haven´t taught him the Word of Wisdom. He just said: " I don´t want to do those things anymore and I want to get baptized" He is so excited to get baptized. He once said: " I still remember when you found me (points at me) and asked what I think God expects from me and that´s when m life got changed" He also has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. He then told us: "I have something to confess, sometimes I read the Book of Mormon...I fall asleep. Why do I fall asleep? I don not want to fall asleep"

We had the chance to go teaching with Zuster Egbert. I must admit, I got a bit nervous but I feel like the lessons went really well. We go to see Kalusha and talked about the Plan of Salvation. We read in Mosiah 16:6-8, I think it was those verses where it talks about how thru Christ we can have the Resurrection and how the grave is not the end of our lives. It was a really good lesson.

While waiting for our interviews with President Egbert, in Paramaribo church, a couple got married, I was able to attend the wedding and got free foo which was pretty sweet! They looked so happy. I think the groom was a less active and the bride is a new convert.

Also there was 2 baptism´s this week, as usual Zuster Jorgensen and I have to fill the baptismal font and drain it. Filling it up can be quite scary as this is Suriname and you always find cockroaches, frogs and sometimes lizards and spiders and I even found a butterfly. This week we found two cockroaches and two frogs. they were still alive which meant we had to kill the roaches. Not very fun as they are really fast. I´m definitely getting tougher on my mission. The baptism was beautiful though, Sabitha was so happy when she came out of the water, she then bore her testimony.
 Hope every one is doing well back home! I love you all so much! Speak to you soon.

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