Monday, June 20, 2016

Another week flew by May 30

During the week when things happen, I always try to make a mental note to write in my email certain experiences, however I am actually emailing and nothing comes to mind. So sorry when my emails arent very long and might not make any sense.

Any ways this week flew by, we had some good days and some bad ones. A lot of people have cancelled, which sometimes can be annoying especially when they come out and say they are too tired, so they want to take a nap instead.

So in our branch we have 38 people that come regularly on a Sunday. So not that much. We have a lot of less actives, we are trying to get them back and we always have really good lessons with them. However when Sunday comes around...they never show up. I have definitely seen how it helps when you bring active members around. As is shows the less active that people really do miss them and love them. Luckily our branch is excited to do missionary work, so they always ask how they can help us and they are willing to come to lessons. Which is sweet! i love the members here. I feel this transfer is going to be a good one especially when we include the members. So if anyone has been noticing that less people are coming to church, ask the missionaries how you can help, if you can come teaching with them or even better is to have FHE at your house and tell the missionaries to bring an investigator or a less active. When the feel the Spirit and make friendships with the members, their desire to come back will increase!

I would like to tell you ll about Zuster Yetty, she´s AWESOME!! She is the perfect member missionary, we hold FHE at her house every Wednesday at 7pm. As she lives near a playground, she literally invites every one who is in her eye sight and ear range! She is such an example to me!She shares her testimony all the time! Because she has been opening her mouth, her entire family got baptized and they live in the Netherlands. I was also told that she´s been on the radio and on TV for something and she has mentioned the church, bore her testimony in public. The best thing is...she is so humble about it! She always wants to do missionary work!

We got to have an awesome lesson with Stefan, he´s so cool. We were teaching him the restoration. Before we started our lesson, I asked him if he was reading the Book of Mormon, he was honest and said that he hasn´t. He was nodding at whatever i was saying, he then said: "It´s true, I know what you are saying is true. I should be reading this every day and i´m going to read it from now on." Stefan is so cool, he understands everything ans he always testifies to what we are saying is true. I love when you can see the light in people´s lives, when they can recognize that they can feel the Spirit.

Yesterday, we were teaching the Sanna´s kids, 3 kids that come to church without their parents, they are the only members, I love them so much! During our lesson Sharedy grabbed a brush and started brushing my hair, which was a bad idea. because at the end of our lesson..I started to look like Diana Ross for the rest of the day! My hair was huge!

that´s it for today, thank you all for emailing me. I love you so much1 If you want to help the missionaries...just let them teach you or go out with them. Missionaries need the members and the members need the missionaries!

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