Monday, May 9, 2016

Skyping on Mothers day May 9

  Skyping everyone on Mothers day was AWESOME! The only time I had a desire to be disobedient and wanted to Skype longer!! Lots of pictures this week to share, they are mainly from my last P-Day as I went to New Amsterdam in Commewijne with a member, Sister Ibrahim. She´s awesome, Mom you should add her on Facebook, I think you two would get along really well.

Here is a sweet spiritual moment...we asked Ramona, whom we had a lesson with, to say the opening prayer. In her prayer she bore her testimony she said: "I`m grateful for the Book of Mormon, and I know its true, I know it with all my heart." I love her so much, she´s amazing.

We did a lot of service this week, we baked A LOT of cookies thanks to my cookbook (Mom made me my own personal mission cookbook);) We also made ice cream for Ramona´s birthday. The cookies were meant for Kalusha, as his Dad died. But we still had so many left overs, we decided to give them to less actives. You should´ve seen their faces, they were so happy! They cold not believe it that we made cookies for them. They immediately tasted them too and were saying...they were delicious. One of our less active even had tears in her eyes because she was THAT happy! It was such a humbling experience for me because cookies are nothing special. But they really do not have much and financially its´getting harder and harder for them.

We have been focusing a lot on serving others. And honestly...serving others makes me so happy! I just know that´s what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to help each other! Life on earth is literally to prepare ourselves to meet our Heavenly Father again. Let´s use this time to prepare in any way we can. Read your scriptures, develop your relationship with God by serving others, by fulfilling your calling in church, by praying to your Father in Heaven who loves you, use the Atonement  to become His disciple, which is in full detail in your Patriarchal blessing.

A lot of people cancelled on us this week, which actually turned out really well because we were doing so much service. It was also nice because we could take this time to go contacting, which actually involved a lot of rejection. We Klop (knock) at this one house, the older woman living there already saw us but she was kind of hiding behind her curtain, which a lot of people do here.So then I just said. "hey, how are you? We are sister missionaries and we have a message to share with you. Are you willing to come outside?" The nice thing here is; you can be bold and people dont really get offended, they actually quite like that. Anyways her head quickly disappears from the curtain. But w I could still tell she was there as the curtain was kind of see through. So I just kept talking to her. Then she walked away, but I had a feeling we still needed to stay even though I thought we got rejected. She then comes out of the backdoor and says: "You can come inside". She offered us a drink, we talked about her family, she went inside to grab pictures and showed us ALL of her photo albums. Let me tell you...she had a lot of them! But it felt good listening to this sweet lady. She is so nice.  We shared a little message with Olivia about how she´s a daughter of God and that  He loves her.

                                                                         At the funeral

We also went to a funeral this week, and its definitely something I will never forget, a little strange, lasted for 2 or 3 days. The first day they sing from 7 pm till in the morning. The 2nd day they have the ceremony, they then carry the casket and dance with it whilst it is on their shoulder, pretty impressive. They sing and dance, the 3rd day if he/she gets cremated, they throw the ashes  in the ocean and they sing.

I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all so much! And also keep involving Heavenly Father in your life, we can not do it without Him!

                                                               with Sister Ibrahim

                                     The "cool" rain jacket my parents sent me ;)

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