Monday, June 27, 2016

Made it to the airport - June 27

So many things happened...Monday night President & Sister Egbert picked us up (me & Zuster Parker) around 2 am, seeing as Zuster Parker and I wouldn´t get much sleep anyways, we decided to simply just not sleep. (We slept for an hour) 

Honestly, it was a lot of fun talking all night, however this was our biggest mistake ever!!! As we were checking in the lady told us that our flight will be taking off at 2:45 this point it was still 4 in the morning. They said that our airline doesn´t fly in the mornings anymore. Now you would think that they would notify the passengers, but they did not. Anyways, long story short, Pres Egbert called our Zone leaders and told them to pick us up. By the time we got back home it was 8 am, they then told us that we will be picked up at 9 am for district meeting. So, then we had one hour of sleep, after district meeting we started driving to the airport, made a quick stop at McDonald's drive thru, and then the "fun" began.

A family started living in a house that did not belong to them, the owners returned and obviously demanded them to get out, but they refused. They then started throwing out the owners furniture and values out on the street, sat down in the middle of the street and start cooking food. As we were still quite far from the airport, we didn´t quite know what to do; we were debating whether we should walk to the airport as we would otherwise miss our flight.

 After 3 pm the traffic seemed to clear out, we got at the airport around 4 pm, luckily our flight hasn´t left yet, as none of the passengers were able to make it on time due to this very strange situation.

We did not get the chance to proselyte in Aruba as we barely made our connecting flight. However Curacao was SO much FUN!! Of course the highlight was...seeing my Wela and my uncle Renè!! Although it was also very strange as I am a missionary.

I got to teach with Hermana/ Zuster Ramirez (in the blue shirt), she is awesome. Their mission, bike with mountain bikes, which was pretty scary! I fell twice! (You will hear this story more in detail in our next Skype session) It was so cool teaching some people in Dutch and then Hermana Ramirez would speak Spanish or Papiamento. I was quite surprised as I was actually able to understand quite a bit (Papiamento is the language spoken on the islands and my mothers mother-tongue), however I was glad that I was called to a Dutch speaking mission. The people are so nice, I love them, but at the same time it was very weird to be in Curacao. Obviously, Curacao is so more beautiful than Suriname. There are definitely a lot more poor people in Suriname, which is very sad, but at the same time...humbles me.

I  love serving in Suriname, I love the people here, I have learned so much from them! Even though I have grown up in a completely different culture, it amazes me how well I fit in here.

I was also sick (luckily none of the mosquito diseases) for a couple of days, which meant I could not go out. I hate staying at home and not being able to do the Lords work! But I am feeling better so I am excited to go out and teach!

So here´s the story about the I was/am sick I cant taste anything, while I was drinking it, I thought to feels thicker than usual and I could not remember when I bought it. So, I then asked Zuster Jorgensen if she can smell it, she took a quick whiff and said: "Yeah, that is definitely expired." Now, that wouldnt be that bad if only...I had a few sips, but that certainly was not the case...I drank the whole thing...A few hours later, I did not feel good!

                                         Zuster Jorgensen  has reached her one year mark!!

                                                            We were a bit bored ;o

I love you all so much, hope everyone had a good week! Speak to you soon!

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