Monday, June 20, 2016

Goat ate my Book of Mormon June 13

Man...this week was a little rough, so much has happened...

a lot of people fell through which is fine but then every one contacted...rejected us.
On Wednesday, we started our day off contacting, for some reason there wasn´t many people outside or at home. It was also a very hot day. As we parked our bikes somewhere a dog started following us, luckily it was a nice dog, so we named him it Sunshine.


Sunshine, the friendly dog

Anyways we contacted a woman who had a ton of goats in her yard, however she said that she was has her own religion. We then asked if we can take pictures with her goats, and sh said yes. These goats were super scary though because they looked like they were going to attack us. They didnt but one of them really liked my Dutch Book of Mormon as it started eating it.

Later that day on our way to see Kalusha, I noticed a woman sitting in front of a shop. I felt prompted to turn back, I told my companion that we need to park our bikes and talk to this lady. As we were walking up to her, you could see the sadness in her eyes and just the way she was sitting. We started having a conversation and I told  her that God is her Heavenly Father and that He loves her. She than started sobbing, I put my arm around her and promised that He will help her, she then told us some very personal stories about her life. It was quite a sad moment but I am grateful that I was able to bear my testimony to her. She didn´t want to meet with us, as she said that she wasn´t worthy.

A new investigator, Tersy, we went by his house and he told us this: "I have a new church" Not something missionaries want to hear. We asked if he has read the Book of Mormon and he said no. We bore our testimonies to him and assured him assured him that if he reads it and prays about it, that he will feel the Holy Ghost. He looked a little sad when we left and then he said: "You can come by and ask how I am doing."

Showing off my biking skills

A little hurt, we started biking, all of a sudden his huge dog jumped over the brick wall and chases us down the street. Luckily his neighbor shouted as the dog was about to bite and then it left us alone. Needless to say...I am not a big fan of dogs anymore!

Two awesome lessons; first I want to share is about Hugo, taught him the Word of Wisdom, at first it was hard for him to give up tea, but at the end of the lesson, when we asked him if he will live the Word of Wisdom...he grabbed his tea...and threw it in the trash! He then looked at us and had a huge smile across his face.

Other cool lesson was with Marlene (our investigator), she is in her 50´s and has 4 grandchildren, the oldest is 11 and the youngest is 4, they are super cute, I love them all so much. So, the oldest came out and said: "I have read the Book of Mormon" Me: "Really?" She: "Yes" and then she told us what she had read. How crazy is that? These children are so amazing, they know so much about the gospel. None of them are baptized but we will make sure they will :)

So even though this week was rough, it still was a good week! We have seen so many miracles, it was crazy.

I hope your week was amazing! I love you all so much!

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