Monday, June 20, 2016

This transfer is almost over May 24

Where to much has happened! First...I can not believe this transfer is almost over!! It´s going WAY TOO FAST!!!I wish I could just pause the time.

We visited a less active, Giovanni, he is awesome. I used to visit him when I first came on my mission. However, he just just wasn´t changing, he started to come to church after a few months again, unfortunately he hasn´t come in a  long time. So when we visited him, I was quite shocked when he said that he is reading the Book of Mormon and he is in Alma 7. Most people dont even go past 2 Nephi. I was so happy when he told us this. He also wasn´t able to come to church because he has been out of the country for awhile but he promised to come this Sunday and he will be taking a non member friend with him.

Exchanges last week was so much fun, every lesson is just so spiritual. We visited a Zuster at the hosipital, she´s pregnant but her body rejects any food, she also throws up blood. This happens every time she gets pregnant, her husband and her have been thinking about abortion a lot too. They prayed about it and had a feeling that this baby needs to be born. After this decision their baby moved for the first time. She also had a dream how everything will be okay. I find this couple amazing, the both admitted how hard it has been for them and their faith has been struggling a lot. In this lesson it wasn´t much us talking, we were mainly just listening to them and have the Spirit teach them. This was probably the most spiritual lesson I have ever had. Her husband started to bear his testimony to her and we read scriptures on how we can rely on our Heavenly Father.

Saturday we went to our investigators mom and were able to do some service for her. She lives in Saramanka, it´s about 45 minutes drive, past Commewijn. There are no missionaries in that area, so it was awesome to be there and help out. We digged some holes and planted banana trees. The mom was so happy as she is very old and cant do anything. I love serving others, it really does expand our happiness here on earth.

Whilst I was on exchanges, my companion as at the church. A guy the came and started telling her that she needs to repent. She took his information and told him when church starts. On Sunday two new people came. We talked to both of them and it turned out that both of them are in our area. When we got home and talked about these two men, we came to realize that one of them was the guy my companion met a few days ago! I am so excited as this like...never happens! We will be having our first lesson with him this week.

I just want you all to know how grateful I am for being able to serve the Lord. I wish I could serve longer than 18 months. But I also know that this is just the beginning! I can´t wait to see what miracles I´ll be seeing this week.

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