Monday, June 20, 2016

Members coming to teach with us! June 6

First off... I love you all so much!!

So, the biggest success we had this week...was having the members come teaching with us! it was so cool!! Every lesson we had was just filled with the Spirit. The members in Tamenga are working hard! Yesterday, after church, so many members came up to us and asked when they can come out teaching with us and not only that...but they gave us so many referrals! I feel so blessed being ableto serve in this branch and in Kwatta. I am so happy that I can serve this transfer with these lovely people!

Our less actives are doing well, most of them are reading the Book of Mormon, praying and coming to church again. Our investigators seems to struggle in a way. We have a lot of investigators which is nice. One of them (Hugo) is actually supposed to get baptized this Saturday but because he didn´t come to church, he can no longer be baptized on this date. I´m not sure why he didn´t come as a ride was provided for him and he loves the gospel. The only thing i can think of is that , he might needed to go to work, but we will check up on him tonight.

It rained a lot in Suriname, and my rain jacket kinda broke and its really cold when it rains.

This is Kalushka, who taught us boxing, and his dog peed on Zuster Jorgensn

One of my favorite investigators is Stefan. He just gets so excited about the gospel.We were sharing some scriptures, he then stopped us and said: "All of these verses are so beautiful. I need to write all of them down because they are important to me." He also told us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon on random pages and every verse he reads...implies to him! Without us even asking, he told us that he wants to get baptized!! However it will be in August, as he will be going to the Netherlands for 6 weeks. Then he held up his Book of Mormon and said I will bring this with me everywhere, this is the most important book!

Zuster Jorgensen was not feeling too good this week. We went to visit a member, at the end of the lesson, I looked at her and she was as white as snow! She then ran into their bathroom and threw up, we  think it is because she might have had old Bami. Luckily the member did not notice..the members gave us some food, Zuster Jorgensen didn´t have to say a word to me... We looked at each other...I nodded...grabbed her food...and ate all of it!
Later in the week, at a less active member, we were playing with a puppy...we looked down and notice that it peed all over Zuster Jorgensen´s was pretty funny.

All in all...we had a pretty good week! I can´t believe I´ve almost been out for 6 months!! This entire time I was thinking...I´m almost 5 months. I got really sad when I found out that I missed a month..time is flying by! But I am just grateful that I´m able to serve!

I love you all and hope every one had a good week!

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