Monday, July 11, 2016

Crazy but good week - July 4th

The Hendricks are the sweetest couple we teach she speaks Dutch and he speaks English, Brother Hendricks is the sweetest old man, he´ll just say how grateful he is for the gospel and for us coming and teaching them.

We´ve got an awesome investigator, Stefan, he reads his Book Of Mormon every day and wants to get baptized. He will be going to the Netherlands for 6 weeks, so we wont be able to see him, but we did leave him a bunch of verses. He got really excited and said: "Zusters, I´m going to read everything you give me because I know how important this is." He´s such a great example to me, I encourage all of you to read your Book of Mormon every day.

We had an awesome lesson with Mike, another investigator, this guy is so cool. He reads out of his Book Of Mormon, and comes to church whenever his free from work. When we finished our lesson we asked him if he had any questions. He then said yes: "What will happen to people that haven´t had the chance to get baptized and are now dead?" We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and told him well be able to speak about it more next week.

I also went on an exchange, let´s just say it was crazy and I got bitten by a hamster. We got stranded at a Chinese winkel (shop) so we bought ice cream and waited for the senior couple to rescue us. Whilst sitting in front of the winkel, we took the opportunity to contact quite a few people, which is always fun.

I have to tell you about Sunday, our investigator Ramona, bore her testimony which was awesome. She was the first person to get up and she pulled out her Book of Mormon, read a verse about faith and said that she knows that Christ lives and the Book of  Mormon is true. Sheffelo (10) who is not baptized, also bore his testimony and it was powerful. And then came Mario, he is a friend from a less active that we teach. I was able to teach Mario with Zuster Wood and Zuster Zeegelaar in my first transfer. He bikes to church and lives in Wanica, which is very far. He was disappointed that his friend did not come to church, so he told me he´ll bike to his friend after church and he´ll tell him to come to church!
My week has been crazy but also good. I hope everyone is enjoying their week.

                                                 I met Jeff´s Mission President!

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