Monday, January 25, 2016

Transfer week!

See if you fit under the table challenge :)

What a crazy week it has been. Thank you all for emailing me each week, I cant reply to every one but I very much appreciate your support!

So...I got into a biking accident, its not too bad though, we were contacting  with our bikes and decided to go down this one road which was really busy as everyone was coming from work. You should know in Suriname no one can drive so its very normal to see reckless driving. As I was biking, a car came extremely close to me which led me to be pushed towards the concrete side walk. I wasn't able to beak as one of my breaks broke a while ago. my foot was stuck between my bike and the concrete sidewalk, which unfortunately got a ton of skin of my two little toes! Luckily we were near by a member who fixed me up. She even made us some food, however she noticed that I wasn't eating any of it. When I told her that I do not eat meat..she almost fainted out of shock. It was pretty funny.

The next day we were teaching a less active sister. It´s not unusual to see animals such as ants, lizards, birds and so forth in her little house as she does not have any doors and her windows wont shut. I was talking about the importance of temples and all of the sudden I felt something on my foot which has been injured in the accident...I looked down...and there must have been 50 red ants on my wound biting me, even though I was wearing multiple band aids!! The ants went under the band aids. I then did a little scream and started killing those was really scary!

We received transfer calls on Saturday. Currently I´m in Balona Park but now I will serving in Kwatta with Zuster Jensen. I´m very excited to do this! Zuster Jensen is awesome! This also means I am still in the same ward as before so will still see Zr Wood & Zr Zegelaar.

I was quite surprised though when the Elders told me that I will be transferred but I am really excited to serve in Kwatta; I was able to go there for exchange with Zr Ashkraft. I love it there as there are a lot of cool members and they have a good amount of investigators. Zr Jensen told me that they get fed multiple times a day. This might mean I will gain a bit of weight. Unfortunately I think I will need to eat meat.

Oh and I will start in my new area on Wednesday ;)

The church isn't as organized as the rest of world...for example: they do not have activities for the youth, which is really sad. Luckily, we as missionaries, are allowed to train the members so they can fulfill their callings. At the end of Relief Society´s  lesson we were singing: Love one Another and the Sister teaching the lesson asked us to hug everyone whilst singing...was the strangest thing but it was so funny. I really like this ward, there is a lot of work to be done though.

On my way to church I also saw a snake!! My companion told me later that it was poisonous...I wasn't scared though...was kinda cool to see plus it was a small one.

I love you all, keep reading the scriptures, it will benefit you so much! Stay safe...speak to you soon.

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