Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cycling and scary dogs

So I´ve mastered cycling a bike without using my hands which is pretty cool. We bike so much here and its hard with a skirt. My companions were so close by being bitten by a dog! The dogs here are way scary. For example yesterday we had an appointment with an investigator, we took a member along (Sister Ibrahim, Jeff should know her, she´s amazing) who drove us to the investigator´s house. As soon as she parked, there were about 10 dogs who started to attack the car. And I kid you not..those dogs had muscles!! It was really scary!! So Sister Ibrahim took an umbrella out of her backseat..started yelling some "weird stuff" whilst she was swinging the umbrella and the dogs luckily left us alone. The elders here kick the dogs because they really try to bite you especially whilst cycling.

Lots of streetdogs

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