Wednesday, January 13, 2016


So much had happened...I  have got no idea where to start. My trainer had to leave for a two day meeting in Trinidad...which leaves me and Sister Zegelaar. We had weekly planing on our own which always takes ages but we tried our best. We looked at the Area book and contacted a ton of people that used to be investigators. We had a lot of appointments on those days but unfortunately some got cancelled or some just did not open their doors. Normally when this happens I just brush it off. But for some reason it was hard to do that, I decided it was best to just proselyte and talk to some people. That day we contacted 12 people which was pretty cool. However after a few hours we could not find anyone and again our appointments fell thru.

I felt discouraged and felt like I was wasting the Lord´s time whenever we did not have anything to do and I really just want people to have the gospel in their life. I decided to pray and as I opened my eyes I looked at my companion and told her that we should just prepare for our last appointment which is with an inactive member.

We decided to bike to a Chinese shop and sit down at the back of it. As I was about to open my scriptures, a young man came (he must have been in his twenties) he then asked if we were members of a church and asked what our purpose is. At first I did not really want to talk to him cause I thought he wasn't interested but my companion already had the pamphlet in her hand and started to share a message! I then stood up and bore my testimony. The Spirit was very strong and I knew that Heavenly Father sent him! He told us about his past and he said that he needs God in his life and he wants to change. Unfortunately he is not in our area or even near us, he also doesn't have a cell phone but we gave him a Book of Mormon and a church address. I have no idea if he went to church but I know that he could feel the Spirit just as much as I did! I know that Heavenly Father doesn't want us to feel discouraged but he can also only help us if we ask with faith!

I´m having so much fun here. I really love being on a mission even though it´s very hard but I know I need to be here and I´ve already learned so much!!

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