Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fast Sunday & Gecko experience

Last night after our day was done...I took a shower and suddenly I saw a GECKO on the bathroom window! I quickly grab my towel and ran to my companions!! Told them that there was gecko: They started laughing cuz apparently this happen a lot!

Sister Zegelaar then tried to get rid of it. But it was so fast that when she grabbed it; its tail fell off!!
However the animal was still alive and so was the tail! It was really gross. I got all of that on film though so when I come´ll see! I also took a few pictures.

Church was a bit overwhelming. Every single person who read my name tag asked if I was Elder Vernes´s sister... And if I could play the piano!!

As it was fast Sunday I bore my testimony. I talked about my bike story and how I tried to keep biking but wasn't able to move. I told them that...That can happen in our lives. We sometimes get stuck even though we are still peddling as hard as we can! Its important to remember what Heavenly Father gave us (The Atonement) and why we need it in our lives! I think it went well as I was getting some nods from the crowd.

I love being a missionary!! Its so much fun. I cant wait for tomorrow!! Tomorrow will be even an better day!!

I love you all!

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