Monday, January 18, 2016


We have few investigators, however we had to drop one of them. Sadly she wasn´t progressing and we would have just wasted our time with her. We also had exchanges which was really cool. Zuster Zegelaar and I were in Zuster´s Ashkrafts area. We went to visit a ton of people! Their investigators are awesome! Also we visited a new investigator however it was his mom´s birthday and the guy we were visiting was drunk. He tried to hug and kiss Zuster Zegelaar, it was pretty funny. He then shook my hand and kissed it multiple times. Luckily he left so we started to teach his mom. She started to cry because her son´s werent´t behaving. We were able to make her feel better which was quite nice.

with Zusters Zegelaar & Ashkraft

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