Monday, January 18, 2016

One month on my mission already!

Boi I don´t know where to begin. Boi is a word that everyone here uses. Its pretty funny when people say it.

Okay, so i almost "killed" my companion Zuster Wood! Basically we have a gas oven. And we normally light it with Q-Tips, and than blow in order for the flame to set. I turned on the oven and asked Zuster Wood if she can light it. As she was blowing...all of the sudden this massive flame with a bunch of fluffy stuff flies towards us! I start yelling: "ARE YOU OKAY?" Whilst this is happening my other companion Zuster Zegelaar jumps up from the sofa..sprints towards the door gone!
Zuster Wood still in shock, her first question was. "Is my hair on fire?" I reassured her that everything was fine. Zuster Zegelaar returns...and we just started laughing. We then tried to figure out why that happened. I than realized that I turned on the oven and let the gas on, leaving it and went to the bathroom after that Zuster Wood lighted the oven. It was pretty scary but now we just laugh about it.

I still find it hard to remember where people live and members names. We visited a less active member, I love her, she´s the sweetest person you will ever meet. She´s not very educated though so she finds it hard to understands certain scriptures. However she has been reading them every day and when we asked her what it meant she actually knew the meaning of it!! It was amazing to see that! I definitely think that THAT is Heavenly Father blessing her!

Unfortunately I don´t have much time to write more but just know...I love you all/ Mi lobi yu (Sranan)

Zuster Wood & me

Me and my companions. They are so cool! 

Zuster Zegelaar, Zuster Wood and me...rocking our helmets

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