Sunday, January 17, 2016


Why do we fast?

We also met with a less active, she's very poor and lives in a tiny shed with 4 others that are not very nice to her. She normally comes only for Sacrament meeting. We had a lesson with her about church and why its important to stay for the whole 3 hours. Last Sunday she stayed for the entire time and that was really cool!

Another member lesson that meant a lot to me: I felt inspired to prepare a lesson about fasting. As we were teaching a member about fasting; she admitted that she has never fasted even though she has been a member for a long time. We promised her that she will see blessings just pouring over her when she sacrifices a few meals. She than almost cried as the Spirit was extremely strong, she said that she will start to fast. I cant wait to follow up on that!

Now why do we fast?

To fast is to go without food and drink voluntarily for a certain period of time. Fasting combined with sincere prayer can help you prepare yourself and others to receive God´s blessings. It is a source of spiritual strength. Thru fasting we feel closer to Heavenly Father and strengthen our testimony. Fasting also includes giving a generous fast offering for those in need.

Read in:
Esther 4: 10-17,  Matthew 4: 1-11, Alma 17: 1-3, 9, D&C 59: 12-14 (fasting a source of spiritual strength) Isaiah 58. 3-12, Matthew 6: 6-18 ( The Lord describes a proper fast, which includes fast offerings) Alma 5: 45 -46, Helaman 3:35 (Fasting helps strengthen testimonies)

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