Thursday, December 24, 2015

Entering MTC

19th December 2015 MTC - Provo - Utah

This photo was sent to my Dad by Brother Evan Larsen from Missionary Department, Thank you so much!

I´ve got my Name Badge on December 16th

 First of all I do regret not speaking Dutch more often at home (Mom used to call me her German baby cuz I´d rather speak German). I don`t particularly find it hard and I love speaking Dutch now!

A lot has happened in the last 3 days..feels like 3 months though ;)
So Mom dropped me off and the host took me to lunch (huge meal) I was so nervous that I could not eat at all.
Due to also having a red dot on my badge everyone kept saying: " Welcome to the MTC"
At first it was cool but after a awhile it got annoying.
I´ve met some amazing people & I absolutely love my companions.

My language teacher said that I´m supposed to be here for 6 weeks. However these lessons are boring for me. I already know the language and I feel like I´m wasting my time especially if I could be teaching someone instead! I decided to talk to my Branch President told him how I felt and that I desperately want to go out in the field.
Long story short...I am going to another district where I´ll be teaching in English! 
This also means leaving the MTC on December 29th to Trinidad! I´m so happy!!!

I had the opportunity to teach an investigator for the first time in Dutch for like an hour! It went really well and I could feel the Spirit guiding me.

Any ways I have to go now but just know that I love you all! Speak to you next week! 

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