Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Finally at the MTC

16th December 2015 Finally the MTC - Provo - Utah

Alright so after the last minute shopping tour we hit the highway towards Provo! As we´re getting closer to the MTC both Mom and I are getting quiet and quiet, Mom did give me some last advice about loving my companions, tidying up my room (sheesh do I really need that advice? ;) eating healthy but foremost about letting my light shine and loving the people I´ll be teaching! Honestly I am getting a bit nervous now...this is truly it!! I am about to enter the MTC!! About 10 weeks ago I was happy upon receiving the call but did not register it that much, meaning I was focusing more on Elder Hawkins getting ready to serve. And now its really downing in on me...This is it people!! The time has come to truly serve for 18 months! I´m giddy, nervous but especially so excited!! I am ready to serve for my loving Heavenly Father! Do not worry about me peeps...He will watch over me and you all while I am being on His errand! 

They let us thru the gate and told Mom to park at the curb someone will be waiting for Sister Vernes there. Mom looks at me and said: are you ready babe? I smile and say: YES!! 
We get out of the car and immediately a Sister missionary walks towards us saying: Welcome to the MTC Sister!  Mom insists on getting my luggage out of the boot, squeezing me tight. A picture is taken, we hug tightly again, say our I love yous...and off I go inside the MTC. Mom still sits in the car before the building, I turn around and with a huge smile I wave goodbye one last time! Till we meet again, Mommy dearest!  

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