Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This is it

This is it!!

16th December 2015 @ 3 am!

All of a sudden I woke up from a deep sleep...completely shocking my Mom, she was awake any way but did not expect me to wake so suddenly. Any ways I now remembered that I did not finish or even started to fill in the forms about my vaccinations! And this had to take place before I arrive at the MTC!  Typical Amy, my sister Whitney would and did say ;) So we ran off to the hotel lobby in our PJ`s mind you at that hour there were no other guests any ways. Sitting there filling in the form took awhile cuz I had everything in German and we had to figure out which vaccinations were meant in English. At some point we called Dad because he was the one who took me to all my doctors appointments. Seriously it would have been better to fill this way before than last minute, and of course Mom was freaking out. And I´m like: Mom...chillax, I´ve got plenty of time ,) In the end all was good, I finished and printed it out and had time to Facetime my sister one more time! And my big bro Jeff called while he was in between work meetings, I talked with my sis in-law  Dan, and my beloved nephew Charlie. He was saying my name over and over! Such a cutie! And also Dad called!


Being up so early has got its advantage. Whitney was so nice to pack my suitcase before I left England, but hey me...uhm..did mess it all up again...typical she would and did say again ,)
Mom did not really helped me much saying that she wouldn´t be there so I´m better off figuring it out by myself. I really don´t like doing stuff like that. My boyfriend, Elder Jacob Hawkins, is serving in Calgary Canada mission, he left on December 1st, gave me this stocking full of presents! I cant wait to open it all on Christmas Day! Mom being curious tried to convince me to open at least one. No way Jose!

I´m so excited and cant wait to be at the MTC!! Mom is a bit nervous and trying not to show it ;)
Not only did I forget the forms...uhm..I had also forgot some items at home! So now Mom is completely freaking out...we decided to have an early breakfast and head out to the stores to get last minute items like...running shoes ( forgot mine at home), hairbrush (Mom was wondering how I combed my hair the last couple of days) SD-card reader and a bunch of other stuff. After breakfast at the hotel (I had French toast...they were divine;) went back to our room, grab my suitcase and hit the road off to the stores.  I had to report at the MTC before noon and we had to drive for about an hour to get there. As usual Mom gets lost even with the Sat-Nav! We managed to get everything and were on our way!

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