Monday, January 30, 2017

I know that what you are saying is true - Jan 30

We had another lesson with Marilin (Brazilian/Dominican) and it turns out that she used to visit the LDS church quite regularly in the Dominican Rep and she absolutely loves it. When we went over she was super excited to tell us that she read from the Book Of Mormon, she´s now in 1 Nephi 4!! Which was super awesome. As she was explaining to us that she has been reading, she held it close to her heart and she told us that she loves reading from it! It was super awesome. As we finished teaching her the Restoration, she had tears in her eyes and she said: "I know that what you are saying is true."
She is just so awesome, we´ll be bringing a member with us to our next lesson, her name is Marilla, she speaks Portuguese and English. I am very excited for her to come out teaching with us.

Had some awesome contacts this week, one of them is Sham, he´s probably round 50 and he´s a Hindu. Anyways, he invited us to sit down with him, we then get to talking about God and he started to cry. He then stands up and says: Let me give you some juice."
Zuster Bokai asks me: "Why is he crying?"
Me: "I don't know."
We were just so taken back by it as he is a very tough guy, so we didn't expect it all. He returns and we continue talking about God and he just wept. It was a very tender moment.
He then says: "God sent you here. He sent you because I need to know about the gospel."
Our next appointment is this week with him, we are excited to see him.

We went by another investigator, Shurly, who we haven't been able to visit. She told us that she´s been reading the Book of Mormon (BOM) and she really loves reading it. She is now in 1 Nephi 13
It was perfect as we were teaching her about the BOM, she just had a smile on her face the entire time whilst we were teaching. We invited her to be baptised but she said that it would be hard as she is Hindu. But she did say: "If God answers prayers to know if this is true, than I will want to be baptised."

This week was the Worldwide Broadcast which changed our schedule a lot but I like it.

Ashween wants to be baptised, which is super awesome! He´s been coming to church every week and he absolutely loves it! He told his Mom that he doesn't want to leave the church, which is sweet.
A member came out to teach with us and it turns out that the member is friends with his Mom and they have known each other for more than 40 years. So it was awesome having her bear her testimony about the Plan of Salvation.

We went by Mary and brought the Young Woman President with us and our lesson was amazing! Zuster Parabiersingh bore a very powerful testimony of the BOM and invited Mary to come to church. Unfortunately she didn't come but I know if we keep on bringing the members that she will come to church.

With Zuster Bokai

We also had the opportunity to help out at a wedding, which was great. We made some cookies and decorated with balloons.
The members go crazy over the cookies.

Hope everyone had a good week.
Love you & speak soon.

Zuster Vernes

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