Monday, February 6, 2017

In tune with the Spirit - Feb 6th

This week we went to see Sham, and had a fantastic lesson with him. He´s very in tune with the Spirit and its great because he recognises it as well. Right before we come to our lesson, he sprayed some cockroach stuff in the house which made all the cockroaches run out. However, they were flying right at us during the lesson and crawling on us. It was super scary. One was sitting on his shoulder as he was talking. I didn't really want to say anything as he was bearing his testimony, eventually it flew away.

We also got to see Arthur, he brought us some food and he is a really good cook. Unfortunately for me, my whole plate was covered in ants. I am not was literally covered.
He then says: "Just eat it, its extra protein."
I did eat a little bit just to be nice...but ugh...that was a challenge!

Rain Season
Zuster Bokai

We had another lesson with Ashween and teaching him is always great! At the end of the lesson he then says: "Sisters, I want to give a talk on Sunday."
As he always see different people giving talks. We told him that he´ll be able to bear his testimony on Sunday and everyone gets the opportunity to bear their testimony. I wish you could´ve seen his eyes...they were just filled with joy.

During weekly planning we went through some of our former investigators and we felt prompted to call Dwayne. He´s been taught by sisters for a long time. So we call him and ask when we can see him. He then says: "Can you come now?"
We went and had a really great lesson. During the 1st vision the Spirit was very strong and we have another appointment with him. I hope he´ll be able to progress.

Normally I bring my planner as I write things down that I want to say in my email but I accidentally brought my new planner and left the other one at home...
Well thats all I can really remember, next week I´ll be able to write more.

I love you all so much, read from the Book of Mormon, I love it!
Oh and next P-Day will be on Tuesday.

Zuster Vernes

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