Saturday, January 21, 2017

Awesome week - Jan 16th

This week was awesome! We visited Sister Salijo, known for the best Souto Soup! She will be going to America soon with her husband to visit a ton of members. She then talked about when she got sealed to her husband and what a special and sacred experience that was for her. It just made me appreciate temples even more, and I really can not wait to go to the temple, I miss it so much.

Friday was the highlight of the week, so many good things happened!


Roxanne, our investigator, we planned on teaching her the Book of Mormon, however whilst we were biking to her house, I had a strong feeling that we should be teaching the Plan of Salvation. It also turned out that we forgot to bring a Book of Mormon for her. When we arrived, her best friend Zippora, was there and so we decided to teach Plan of Salvation. It was a really good lesson.
They were both very engaged, and when we ended the lesson Zippora said. "This is the answer to my prayer." She then looked over to Roxanne, who nodded. Roxanne then explains: "Now I know what God wants me to do, He sent you here to help me, thank you so much for everything."
My companion and I both didn't really know what to say, it was a very special moment and we were all pretty emotional. But we promise her that God knows her and that He truly loves her.
Unfortunately, Zippora does not live in our area, so we gave her to the elders.

We gave Loes, who was recently baptised, a General Conference magazine, when we went by her house...she was SO excited. And told us all the talks that have touched her. She then says: "I´m going to give this to my sister so then she can read it and feel the joy the I am experiencing."
Her sister has been supporting her from the beginning and also came to her baptism. She has declined the offer for missionaries to come over but hopefully she will be able to read the magazine.

We also visited Remi, he´s pretty funny and a talker, he went to grab some water for us, when he came back he had a large bucket in one hand and two glasses in the other. The bucket was very dirty and in it was frozen water. He then poured the water that was melted into our glasses but he then noticed that the water isn't very clear. I pointed out that the bucket was dirty which is the cause for the water to change its colour. He yells in Dutch: "IK HOU NIET VAN DAT." (I DONT LIKE THAT) threw the bucket in a bush and started laughing, you just gotta love him, he has got a deep love for the Saviour.

Remy, who loves the Saviour

It also started to rain, pouring, which I do not like. As we were biking to another appointment, all these weird brown insects where just EVERYWHERE! And attacking us! It was horrible, I literally felt like I was Harry Porter when he was trying to get the key with the broken wing and all the other keys are attacking him. They went into our mouths, nose, eyes and ears. Those bugs are the worse.

with Erma

An investigator would always offer us coffee, tea or wine. As we then explained that we do not drink those type of beverages, she then says: "Okay, I will give a Pina Colada with ice."
Her daughter says: "Mom, they don't drink alcohol."  Mom: "But, its with ice."
Maybe she thought the ice cube will dilute it.

Didn't take many pictures this week sorry, but I love you all and hope that everyone had a great week.
Speak to you soon!

Zuster Vernes

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