Monday, January 2, 2017

6 months left! Jan 2nd 2017

Super crazy to think that I only have 6 months left! I really love serving here, I really just love not to think about myself and feeling the Spirit every day - the whole day!

This week we got fed by literally EVERYONE!!! Like every hour, the food just kept coming, I´m surprised I haven't thrown up by the amount of mountains of rice that I have eaten.

We did a lot of service, mainly just baking stuff and dropping them off at some members and investigators - they loved it - which was great!

Ashween, I absolutely love him, he carries such a special spirit with him, he is different from others as he's handicapped, however he is my favourite person to teach. One day, we went over to his house to surprise him, and he was SO happy to see us, it just really warms my heart.
We asked him to read in the Restoration pamphlet and I can't tell you how strong the Spirit was!
It was really beautiful. He is really awesome and such a great example to me! He is so humble, patient, loving and full of charity. He´s been coming to church as well which is really awesome.

Also, we went to visit an investigator, who has been investigating for a really long time, we took the Relief Society President with us, which was great!
The investigator said: "I hope I can be baptised in the new year." She need to solve something before she can be baptised but...
She has a strong desired to be baptised and I have no doubt that she will!

A few weeks ago, when Zuster Parker and I were still companions, we would ask EVERYONE for referrals including the people we contact. So one day a family that we contacted gave us their daughter as a referral. We have been trying to get in contact with her, but no luck, she would be either sleeping or not at home. So, the day I decided to let it go, we went to our investigators house, Sita, and had a great lesson about the Restoration. When we started biking we saw a girl standing outside...the moment I saw her, I just knew that it was Daniela (the referral), so we stopped to talk to her...and it WAS her. We then got her information and made an appointment to see her on a different day!

Love you all so much, speak to you soon!

Zuster Vernes

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