Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I love Zone conference - Jan 9th

I can't believe I will soon only have 5 months  left...this is going WAY too fast!

Highlights of this week:

Mission president came and we had Zone conference, which was super awesome, I really love zone conference as we are learning from each other and improving our areas.

I´ve got to mention Glenn, he's an investigator, and will be baptised on Jan 28th...he´s so awesome, he's been marking in his scriptures, coming to church and he stopped smoking! Which was awesome! He received a priesthood blessing to help him resist smoking. It has been really great teaching him and he's so excited to be baptised! Whilst we were teaching Glenn, this random guy interrupted the lesson and said: "Can I sing about prayer?" Zuster Bokai and I: "Sure."
He then started singing in Sranan and pulled out some interesting dance moves. It lasted for about 5 minutes and then he left. It was super weird. But, we still had a great lesson with Glenn.

Every Monday we have a Family Home Evening (FHE) with the Kersout family, it really make my day seeing them. Chelsey (daughter) brought her friend a long to FHE which was really great. We planned it so that we all rotate to have FHE and its been really great seeing them to come closer as a family and also to the Saviour.

with Ashween (in the orange shirt) He´s great! 

On Tuesday we had an exchange and I had the privilege to work with Zuster Baker, she´s a lot of fun and full of energy, which is great!

We also saw one of my favourite less actives, Rudy. During the lesson we asked him why he isn't coming to church anymore and he said that he doesn't really know why but he really wants to come.
We then asked him what can we do to help him. He then says: "You are helping me more than you know."
It really touched me hearing him say that! Its nice to know that our hard work is changing peoples lives whether we know it or not and sometimes it takes years until they change their lives around. But it just showed me to never give up!

Brother Simon

We had a really good lesson with Roxanne, she's an investigator, and we taught her the Restoration and it felt right to ask her that when she receives an answer if our message is true, if she will follow the example of Jesus Christ and get baptised...and she said yes without hesitation!
She´s really great and has taught me many things!

Sister Salik, a "crazy" guyanese member, I love her 

Time flies...so I better make these 5 last months count ;)

I love you all so much, speak to you soon!
Zuster Vernes

Sister Salik made us some Ginger soup because it rained

The Naoja´s are back ,)

Big lizard

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