Saturday, January 28, 2017

Members support are needed for missionary work - Jan 23rd

This will be a short one and I´m sorry in advance...I didn't take any pictures this week.

We weren't able to go out for 2 days as my companion got sick. And then the first day we went out..her bike broke, which was a struggle. So, then I had to hold on with my left hand to her steering wheel and I then biked us over to our house...which was a little far...but it was fun. Luckily we have a great senior couple, so they then took care of the bike once we got home and then we were able to go out again.

We visited Emma, our investigator, and her boyfriend was also there, which was great cuz its hard to catch him. As we were teaching about the Restoration, the boyfriend shared his very sincere testimony of all the things that we shared. He would constantly say:"The Book of Mormon is true, I know that it is. I also know that I need to come back to church."
So it was really great hearing him say those things and I know it helped Emma feeling the Spirit as well.

One of the days, this week, we went contacting for 2 hours and no one really seemed to be listening and didn't want us to come back. We then went by a potential investigator, Millie, who only speaks Portuguese, and luckily she was home. She immediately invited us in, she was really sad as her dog died the day before. We started teaching the restoration (in Papiamento, it seems to work) and it was great seeing her feel more uplifted. We have another appointment later today, so I am looking forward to that.

There is a RM (returned missionary) who came back and she´s really awesome, she wants to go out with us...which is great, as we need the members to support...without them we can not do missionary work. However, the investigators, always seem to cancel right before we get there, so hopefully we´ll be able to get her out teaching with us.

Loes (recent convert) is doing GREAT! She really loves the gospel and has a strong desire to share it with others! Which just gives me so much joy! She has changed a lot and is very missionary minded.

Ashween, came to church, it was really great as some elders carried him up (he's handicapped) and down the stairs for the classes. Another investigator, who is super solid from the elders, was sitting next to him and kept him company. It just warms my heart when others pay attention to him and talk to him. During our lesson he told us: "I love this gospel, since I´ve been in this church everything seems to be going well and the people are nice."

Hope everyone´s week was fantastic, speak to you soon!
Zuster Vernes

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