Wednesday, December 28, 2016

So grateful for members that go teaching with us - Dec 26th

To explain this week...I´ll have to start with what happened during my personal study on Tuesday:
my companion Zuster Bokai was scratching her leg due to mosquito bites.
 I then say: "Sister, you should probably stop scratching if you don't want any scars."
She then goes to the bathroom. Probably around 15 min later, I look up from my scriptures and I see Zuster Bokai soaking wet.
Zuster Bokai: "Sister...I fell."
Me.:"What? How?"
Zuster Bokia: "I fell."
Me: "In the toilet bowl?"
She then explains: "I went to wash my legs so then they won't itch as bad, but then as it was so slippery, I fell and I couldn't get up."

Me & Zuster Bokai
Due to her fall we weren't able to go proselyting, so we were stuck inside most of the time.
However, we were able to get a member to take us to a lesson, which was really awesome as she was able to help the less active that we were teaching.

I can not tell you how grateful I was for this member to come out with us! She has helped us so much this week to take us to some church activities. Please, just help the missionaries by going out teaching with them! Or ask if you can give a less active or an investigator a ride!

On Wednesday, Loes had her baptismal interview, when Zuster Bokai and I arrived, she wasn't home, she wouldn't pick up her phone and her neighbours also didn't know where she was. 30 minutes later, when the Elders arrived to have the interview with her, she still wasn't home! I know Loes and I knew she wasn't just going to dodge us, but this was very odd. Just when we were talking to one of her neighbours to figure out how long we should wait...Loes arrived and she thought that we were coming another day, so she just went to get some food.
I was so relieved!
She passed her interview and we got our "White Christmas."
On Christmas Day she then got confirmed and it was just a really beautiful experience!

Our white Christmas - Baptism of Loes
During this week, we found opportunities to serve the Ward whilst being at home, we baked some sugar cookies, helped a member prepare some food for her Christmas party and we filled out 208 pass along cards and gave it to the missionaries to hand out whilst they went caroling as we couldn't go.
Making sugar cookies
Sugar cookies

Pass along cards -prepared 208 of them

Things are looking good for Zuster Bokai though, I think we´ll be able to bike this week, which is awesome!!

Will soon be biking again
I love you all so much, it was good Skyping and seeing my family!

Speak to you soon,
Zuster Vernes

Goofing with Zuster Parker
Sitting in my Christmas box that came from my parents

They sell crabs while they are still alive

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