Friday, December 9, 2016

Lots of contacting - Dec 5th

This week we had a lot of contacting to do, as our area doesn't have too many people to visit, which is fine, I actually quite enjoy contacting. We are able to contact 2 families in Papiamento, which was SO cool! Zuster Parker and I were so excited and we are currently teaching them.

This week we were trying to get or investigator Loes on date, we had a super spiritual lesson with her and when we asked her to get baptised on the Dec 17th...the garbage truck drove by and she quickly stood up ands asked if we can say a closing per, so that she can talk to the garbage man about something.

However, we visited with a member, normally we only sit with the wife as her husband never want s to sit wth us, and many missionaries have tried  for many months but this time when we invited him, he said: "Yeah why not."
We had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon and he got super excited and he even asked when we can come back.

We also invited Josh, he is our former investigator, he has had many baptismal dates however his mom is against the church so thats why he hasn't got baptised yet. Any ways, when we came to his apartment building after saying a companionship prayer, one of his neighbours started talking to us. We explained our purpose and gave him a Restoration pamphlet, we then saw Josh and started our lesson with him. During our lesson his neighbour comes back and says:"I read the pamphlet, the whole thing, I know it is true. All of it is true!"
Unfortunately he will be going back to the Netherlands, I hope that the missionaries there will teach him.

Two investigators came to church, which was awesome! One of them was Josh and the other was Arthur, he wants to get baptised, he´s very smart and has kept all the commandments which is really awesome!

Sunday night was a spiritual highlight, we got to see one of my favourite families, we asked them if they were excited for Christmas, they got very quiet (which is very unusual). The parents explain that they are having some financial problem so it won't be a fantastic Christmas. We felt prompted to share the Christmas video: He is the gift.
Its about how everyone focuses on the material things of Christmas time. However, the most important gift is: Jesus Christ.
It was a really beautiful lesson.

So, I actually forgot to take pictures this week, sorry, but next week I´ll send some.

Love you all so much!

John 3:16

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