Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Spicing it up this week - Dec 19

Enjoying our Christmas lights

This week, Zuster Parker and I decided to "spice" some things up whilst contacting...we decided to carol and then contact the people. Especially because we were contacting at night time which is so much harder as people really do not want to be disturbed, which I can totally understand, however as a missionary you do not care as much when appointments fall through and you don't want to go home early! It was really great though, people would start singing a long and it really softened their hearts to the point where they would invite us inside and we were able to testify of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Sister Parker enjoying the Christmas lights

For the past 3 days, I have noticed this one star, that was /is SUPER bright on a clear night sky. It is always so bright and so big. As Zuster Parker and I were biking, we talked about it and how it reminded us of one of the signs when Jesus was born.
The moment we said that...I was just filled with the Spirit, as I was thinking about the Saviour and His birth.
I am so grateful for God´s love that He send His only begotten son. It turns out, the big bright star is a planet, but I love looking at it as I just always think of the shepherds and how they´ve must felt. (3 Ne 1:19-21)

The perfect Duo

 So as 2 of the Surinam Sisters left to go home, President Egbert had to split the perfect duo: Parker & Vernes, but its okay, I am now with Zuster Bokai, she´s from Fiji, which is cool!! She is in her last week of training so she is still pretty new. We don't know how long we´ll be serving together. It could be for 10 days or a transfer, it all depends on the new sisters coming in. If the new sisters get their MKV (visa) then I will be serving with one of them and if they don't...I´ll serve with Zuster Bokai until they come. I love serving with Zuster Bokai, she is super humble and just really sweet and is a hard worker which I love.
She is also really easy to scare...so I do that whenever we are home ;)

Vernes & Parker

We have to wear these vests at night time

We were able to visit our investigator, Josh, he's super awesome, instead of us teaching him, he actually taught us! When we arrived, he said that he wants to bear his testimony. He told us a very personal testimony and spiritual experience, that has happened and at the end of his testimony; he shared some scriptures from the Book of Mormon that he likes and a quote from Joseph Smith, which was really awesome! He's progressing every day, I really enjoy and love teaching him. 
I have learned so much from him.

I am super excited for the 24th as 16 people will get baptised including Loes (our investigator), she is super excited and I can't wait to see the "White Christmas!"

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!! I love you all so much, speak to you soon!

V RO L I J K  K E R S T F E E S T 

Parker & I in the rain

Found a HUGE snail

Had to "hide" some food in my bag or else I would've thrown up...we get SO much food

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