Monday, August 1, 2016

Attacked by a dog Aug 1

So many things have happened this week, I´m glad everyone is doing well though.

Alright on Monday...I got attacked by a dog! So this is what happened: we were biking to our first appointment and I was thinking about the lesson, I was in a very good mood. Out of nowhere a dog appears from behind 2 cars, starts barking and before I knew it...I was on the floor, the bike on me and I squishing the dog with my bike and my body!!! A car had to emergency brake. I got a few scratches but nothing bad. My body was pretty aching though. However my foot was still stuck, so I could not get up, the dog then luckily escaped but I got so scared as I thought it was going to run back for revenge. The man in the car got out and helped me and straighten my handlebars.

We received two crazy referrals, one is Kevin, his story is pretty funny. He was at a shop, a police officer (a member) asked him: "Why are you sad? You need to talk to some missionaries."
So we then had our first lesson on Tuesday with him. He seems cool and willing to hear our message.
His mom was also there and asked when we will come back. She then told us that she is also interested.

The other crazy referral we got from a member from Wanica, she told us that she has been chatting with a woman, who is very interested in the gospel and has a lot of questions. I am excited to help meet and  hope we will be able to help her.

Mirvelle and me

Our investigator, Mirvelle, is still on date for 20th of August. She is so prepared, I really hope she will get baptized on that date :)

We had an exchange on Friday, so Zuster Ashcraft came to my area, we got to see the Hendricks...planning to teach on the Plan of Salvation but then I had a very strong feeling that the needed to hear about temples. This was probably one of my favorite lessons mainly because the Spirit was teaching them and not me. I love the Hendricks, they are now very active and received a calling in the church.

Bought a Pangi traditional skirt, most women get it by age of 16, means that you are a woman, married or have left your family.

We met up with Jenny on Saturday and it was a really good lesson, as we were leaving she said: "I am glad that you came, it has been too long." The following Sunday she also came to church, I love seeing the gospel changing people. It is so worth the rejections and not so fun things we experience.

On Sunday, we also had a privilege to teach the Young Womens class about temples. I love the YW so much, most of them are the only members in their family, what great examples they are to me!

I love you all and hope everyone is having a good time, dont forget to take advantage of the temple and the Book of Mormon, the gospel is soooooo true!!!

Zuster Vernes

We went to the Central Market

Young Women Class

We got a little carried away with our pictures taking ;)

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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for posting your pictures and stories on this blog. Our son just entered the field three weeks ago headed for Suriname. He had some visa issues initially but we learned on Monday that he is headed to Suriname today. It is comforting as his parents to see some of the other missionaries he will be serving with. Thank you again for doing this blog.
    Josh and Jennifer Tolman