Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New area and my birthday Aug 29th

Not going to lie, it is very weird being in a new area especially having a birthday whilst being on a mission. That was weird, but it was still fun so many people congratulated me and I didnt really tell anyone. It was very nice. Zuster Parker and I went to a nice place to eat for my birthday, she then told the workers (who we are friends with) that it was my birthday. So they all came out and sung happy birthday in English, Dutch and Sranan with a free ginger brownie and ice cream!

One of the successes this week was contacting and receiving referrals from members.Everyone is getting more pumped to do missionary work which I LOVE!

I love the members in Rainville, they are so nice, they give us a lot of food though and its very spicy.

We also had a great lesson with a member, talked about FHE and just doing things together as a family. It was great as you could see the Spirit witnessing to what we were saying was true.

We took a member with us to our investigator, it was such a good lesson, she was awesome, she bore her testimony, was helping our investigator understand the Word of Wisdom, she was backing us up in what we were saying and the Spirit was very strong. There´s a huge difference when its just your companion and you teaching and when you bring a member along. I encourage all of you to go out the missionaries because it will not just strengthen their testimony but also yours. Its important that we create our own spiritual experiences.

Brother Simon, is a super way cool. This is what he said to us: "God is happiness." Simple but powerful! He lives in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere.

I´m excited for this area. I can see myself stretch and grow more than ever. I am thankful for my companion, Zuster Parker, she oi awesome. I have already learned a lot from her and we work really well together.

We also contacted a guy that works at the graveyard, he got very excited and gave us a whole tour of the graveyard. The graves are interesting here, anyways he wants to know more about our church and I´m excited for the lesson we´ll have with him.

I love you all, keep reading the scriptures and write in your journal.

Mi lobi yu...my Sranan is getting better...tomorrow no fara

Zuster Vernes

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