Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8 months mark - Aug 15th

Today is my 8 months mark. I feel like I say this every week but it is going fast.

So, we asked  Shevello (10) to give a lesson. On Fast Sunday, he and his older sister bore their testimony and they mentioned Zuster Jorgensen and I, saying how grateful they are that we come and teach them. Shevello then added that he was searching all week about what to teach us and his family and that he´s so excited to share what he found in the Book Of  Mormon. Seeing him bear his testimony made me so happy!

Sometimes as a missionary, you dont really feel like you are making a difference and it can be difficult teaching people as they get distracted but by them sharing their testimony, the Holy Ghost testified that we ARE making a difference!! And i really do see that now I can see how the gospel is changing peoples lives! I am so grateful that I can be here! I really love my mission, I love being a missionary and experiencing so many things!

During an exchange, Zuster Parker and I met an awesome couple and they have a crazy story. The wife has been on a mission in the Philippines  in 1980, her husband is less active, they have 3 sons, the oldest is a RM - returned missionary - the 2nd is serving a mission and the youngest is preparing to go on a mission. Any ways they were living in Trinidad however they do not have a work permit. So they had to make a tough decision. 1 - stay illegal in Trinidad, 2 - follow Gods council which is follow the Law of the Land. So they packed their things, and left Trinidad, they have been praying a lot to find the missionaries in Surinam in order to come to church. At the airport, they ran into the elders from Surinam so they were able to give us this families information. When we arrived at the apartment complex we could not get a hold of them, however after a long time of waiting and "klop, klop" (shouting knock, knock) the husband comes out and tells us to come in. It was awesome though because the didnt hear us and we didn´t have a phone number...but he had a strong impression to go outside and ...there we were! Their story is inspiring, the faith and obdience they have. through this experience the husband is actually active and wants to be sealed with his family in the temple.

Zuster Jetty and her nephew Jamal (10) came out teaching with us, Jamal is a recent convert and this boy knows the Bible and the Book Of Mormon so much better than I do. He really wanted to come out teaching with us and he did a fantastic job. Unfortunately, he lives in the Netherlands. and left yesterday with his mom. 

A member gave  us a referral (Victorina)...wow let me tell you this woman is so awesome!her faith is incredible, she also called us during the week and asked about some more information about our church. She is so cool. However she is in the Elders area as the areas got changed. But its okay, she lived super far away, it would probably take us an hour to bike.

We went to church to fill up the baptismal font, whilst I was taking care of my very upset stomach, I suddenly hear my companion screaming! I run over to her and we see a lizard/iguana in the font!! It was actually very calm so we took some cool pictures. I then asked Zuster Jorgensen to film it for me. She goes up super close, starts filming and says: "Hello" and as soon as she said that it went crazy, it ran towards her. Both of us obviously screaming and then it jumps into the drain which is bizarre because it basically committed suicide, it was scary. 

We went to a members house and she made us some food, which is very kind of her. Its called Moksaleisi (no idea if this is the correct spelling) basically its rice with a bunch of different meat. Oh boy, I sort of regret taking seconds because I was sitting on the toilet for a very long time, I guess adding the pepper didnt help.

So that was basically my week, hope everryone is reading in their Book of Mormon and if you dont...then go and do it.

I love youoall so much!

Zuster Vernes

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