Sunday, July 31, 2016

This week was interesting - Jul 25

This week was interesting nothing like we´ve planned. We had a lot of cancellations but it did not get me down! Mainly because we then got to see other people that we weren´t able to visit before as some of them left the country, others never opened the door but this week all of those people were there ;)

The Sanna´s dad is awesome!, he read out of the Book of Mormon and we watched the short restoration movie with him.  When it was finished, he got upset and said. "That was so short, I want to know more." So we then gave him the longer version to watch ad his oldest son told us that his dad and him watched it the next day and he loved it! i´m excited for this family, I really hope that the parents get baptized. The kids get really excited whenever we come over and the parents sit with us, i hope we can make this family an eternal family.

Mirvelle, our investigator, is doing so well, in our most recent visit she took out a notebook and wrote down everything we said and read. We also invited her to come to a ZHV (Relief Society) activity, a member picked her up and it was great to see the members interacting with her. The activity was really fun, we played pass the Spirit, a numbers game and cooked food together, I love Relief Society so much.

On Friday, we got locked outside of our study room (the doorknob fell as I was shutting the door). Now this wouldn't be so bad if both our phones were not in there and all of our important things. So, Zuster Jorgensen hopped on the back of my bike and I pedaled us to the Zone leaders as the Senior Couple wouldn´t have been home. Luckily they were able to save the day! We must have looked pretty crazy on one bike and wearing our helmets.

A Guyanese man came to church yesterday. I introduced myself to him and then he said: "You are a missionary right?" Me: "Yes." Man: "So you save souls."
Now that´s a cool investigator! A member invited him to come to church. He has come to our church about 5 years ago but he says he is now ready and wants to change his life around. He is in the Elders area, so unfortunately I wont be able to teach him, but i am just glad I was able to get to know him.

Hope everyone is doing well, I love you all!

Zuster Vernes

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