Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Slow week but fast as well Aug 8th

While we were teaching Hugo, it started to rain, pouring actually and then his house started to flooded his house. Luckily it didn´t get into the house but we had to sit whilst having our feet in the water which was also fun.

Mirvelle, who will be baptized, is doing awesome. At the end of the lesson  we asked her what she wants to learn first: Word of Wisdom or the Law of Chastity. Her reply: "Wow, both sound very interesting. Lets do Law of Chastity first and then the Word of Wisdom." Let me tell you, she´s definitely one of the elect, she so prepared and is always so excited about the gospel.

A creepy house we´ve found

Biking with a spare bike, which was not fun, every little bump the seat will go up or down

One  of my favorite members, she likes to give us pancakes, shes so sweet.

A lot of people have been giving us referrals and members are super excited to do missionary work. Which is just anything I could ask for and Tammenga really needs it now.
One of the investigators is really busy but he come to Family Home Evening that we hold at Jetty´s house...any ways he told me that after FHE he gets so excited that he shares the gospel with his family and friends. he also said that he´s going to start bringing a notebook so he can write down the scriptures we share.

I hope every one is doing well, also hope that everyone is reading out of their scriptures every day, it will seriously bless your life if you apply it in your life.

Love you all, speak to you soon.

Zuster Vernes

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