Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Where has this week gone?

This week went so fast!! Nothing too crazy happened, it was actually kind of a rough week. A lot of my investigators cancelled on me. Which is really annoying because I´m barely even in my own areas as I´m often in Balona (my old area with my "old" companions).

Friday we had an exchange, I stayed in Balona Park with Zuster Zeegelaar and Zuster Jorgensen, and we visited people in our area. However I have been praying a lot cuz I really want to work in my own area, so then I can serve there too. I then had the impression to just call a bunch of members and ask if they have a day where they are always free so I can serve in Kwatta. I call a girl who is actually less active and has a lot of problems...but the Spirit told me very strongly that I need to ask her to be my companion for Friday. She seemed pretty excited to be my companion...however she was nowhere to be found that day .I was still able to see a few less actives in that area.

For example Broeder van Tholl, he´s in his 6o´s and cant walk anymore due to a heart attack.We had a very good lesson with him and his wife still comes to church. He told us how hard it is for his wife. As she needs to work a lot now  and take care of the grandchildren and basically do everything all by herself. But he has strong faith; that he will be able to walk again and he is making progress!
Our exchange was really good, I had a lot of fun even though many people cancelled on us, we were able to see others that were very grateful to see us.

On Sunday I had Zuster Verway as my companion for a few hours (shes a member) and she´s awesome! she´s actually my companions Zuster Zeegelaar´s older sister. I had an appointment with a less YSA (Young Single Adult), he did not open his door when we got to his home. Luckily another investigator Elisabeth lives at the back, so we decided to call her and ask if we can have a lesson with her.
We had a really good lesson about 2 Nephi 32, its a really good chapter. I than challenged her to get baptized on the 19th of March!! Excitedly she accepted and her son John will baptize her on that day.
After our lesson, we saw the boys father, whom we were going to see earlier. He than told us to wait and he will get his son. We had a good lesson with Amar (the son) and we will be working a lot with him to get him on the right path.

After that we saw Ramona, she is awesome as usual and she has a strong desired to get baptized however will have to wait a few years so then she can get married first. We do not want to encourage to get married at the age of 16. But I know that if she continues the way she is right now, her testimony will continue to grow and when she´s ready her baptism will be amazing!

After Zuster Verway dropped me back home, my companions handed me a note from a less active sister. It read. "Dear Zuster, I wish to be left alone, dont visit me any more."
My heart just broke into pieces, I still do not understand why she doesn´t want us to come anymore especially because she was starting to really understand the scriptures she was reading every day, came to church and we love her, we are friends.

I know that Heavenly Father has many more people waiting for us to bring them back to church!! I do not know why this has happened...but I do know to just trust Heavenly Father...and keep praying!!

I love you all, I hope every one had a good week, continue to read the scriptures, strengthen your testimony...let the Atonement change you!!

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