Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chinese New Year and great experiences

with Cherry, the parrot

Today is Chinese New Year and every winkel (store) in Suriname is owned by Chinese persons there aren´t any stores or cyber places open, sorry that I´m emailing quite late. Unfortunately this also means I can´t get any groceries today but we should get some special permission to do it tomorrow instead.

I want to talk about the S. family today There are 3 children, oldest girl Shannon*, 2nd oldest boy Shemar*, and I dont remember the youngest boy´s name but he´s turning 8 soon. These 3 children come to church every Sunday! The two oldest are baptized and they are the sweetest kids you´ll ever meet. I love them so much!  Their parents are not baptized and do not come to church. They don´t even sit with us when we teach the the children. These children are a great example to me!! I am so impressed that they come to church by themselves, read the Book of Mormon and pray every night!! I love teaching them, we are trying to teach their Mom; last week we´ve had Family Home Evening with the kids. The Mom was at home so we invited her to come sit with us. At first she declined because she had a cough and she did not want to speak. But then I said that she wont need to talk, all she can do is sit with us and her children and just have fun.We had a little lesson about the importance of prayer and we made a prayer rock with the kids. It was so much fun and the even the Mom made a rock. I hope we will be able to teach her more with her kids as I know that the gospel blesses families, it will change their lives! They´ve got a parrot, Cherry, I´ve got a cool picture with it. (*names have been changed)

Zuster Jensen and I came up with an idea on how to receive referrals from members. We decided to try it out on Broeder (brother) E. he´s 72 years old and got baptized 6 months ago. We gave him a new Book of Mormon, challenged him to write his testimony in it and pray to whom he should give it to. We prayed together and after a few minutes has past, he was a little confused...he looked up and said: "I know who I should give this to" It´s a woman he greets every Sunday on his way to church. He was confused to why the Holy Ghost will tell him this woman because he does not even know her name! So we set a date to go together with him next Thursday and hand her the Book of Mormon. He is very excited now!! it is really cool to see members doing missionary work...something I looking forward to when I get back.

On Sunday we had Stake Conference, so interesting how different Stake conference is over-here. For example when people gave a talk, they would involve the members. Everyone would just have a good time and contribute to the talk. My Mission President was there too, which does not happen very often as he is always in Trinidad. Whilst a sister was giving her talk...all of a sudden this bat flies into the church and its freaking out. It started flying above our heads, it was kind of scary cuz I really did not want it to land on me!! The bat then crashed into one of the ceiling fans than a big brother stepped on it so it could not fly anymore...picked up the bat in a tissue and than let it go. As he was passing us though I could hear the bat just whimpering, it was pretty sad.

We are teaching a family who are recent converts, they are very poor and the father works on Sundays for a Taxi company. he told us that during the week he does not make any money but on Sundays he can get up to a 100 SRD, its still not very much to feed his family. But its 5 SRD which he can earn during the week...if he´s lucky. We´ve spoken to him about the importance of attending church and the law of tithing. Last week he told us that he changed his work schedule and will not be working on Sundays any more!! he´s so excited about it because he knows that Heavenly Father will bless him because of his obedience. The people here are just so incredible!! I could not believe his obedience and faith!!

I love you all, have fun and speak to you soon!!

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