Monday, February 1, 2016

Crazy week

It has been so crazy this week!

As everyone knows I was supposed to be in Kwatta on Wednesday, however Zuster Jensen, my new companion, had health issues and had to travel to Trinidad to see a bunch of doctors. I was then told she´s going home. I started to pray a lot because she´s an amazing missionary and I really didn´t want her to go!  Her companion, Zuster Ashkraft, was still in Kwatta for one more day and I was able to serve with her in my new area and get to know investigators and members.
It was amazing! Every single person we had...the Spirit was undeniable strong! It was crazy and I will never forget that day! It got me really excited to serve there, even though I had no idea if that was still going to happen as Zuster Jensen was in Trinidad.
My "old" companions and I had now two areas  Balona Park (my old area) and Kwatta (new area). This was so stressful as there are so many people that we needed to see but we couldn´t be at 2 places at the same time. It was really difficult, we had to cancel on a lot of people. The distances between those 2 areas did not make it any easier; there was a lot of biking which just wasted our time.

On Friday I received a call from my district leader. He told me to pack my bags because Zuster Jensen was coming back! I was so happy to hear that!!She arrived on Saturday morning at 5 am, so she only had 1,5 hours of sleep; however she´s so cool it did not even effect her! As I was studying the scriptures she layed her hands on my shoulder and said: "Zuster Vernes; I just prayed and we will find a family who we will baptize." I was surprised by that so all I could say was. "Okay."

We than quickly got ready and started biking around. She told me that I should take the lead when contacting! I dont really like contacting very much; I always get really shy, but I´m working on it.
There was no one there except for this 1 lady. I jumped off my bike and greeted her. She looked like she was ready to "attack" me so we continued biking...still no one we were biking suddenly Zuster Jensen stops at this house and yells:"Klop klop" (knock, knock I know its strange but people here do not have any doorbells and you can not knock on their doors cuz they either do not have one or cuz you can not go through the gate) A mother with 2 children comes out and we tell her who we are and what our purpose is. She really got excited and we made another appointment with her. She said that she was married too! Which is very unusual here. I don´t know if we will baptize her family but the Spirit was strong!

On Sunday after church we went to see Rose*, she´s 16 years old, has a baby an lives with her 20 year old boyfriend. Actually her boyfriend is a member but has stopped coming to church.
Rose loves the gospel even though she´s young, she´s really smart and very mature and a fantastic mother. She really wants to get baptized...but her boyfriend, Jason* however does not want to get married just yet. When we went by on Sunday; we invited Jason to sit with us...however he refused and drove off. Rose was really upset but we still had a good lesson with her.

Afterwards we decided to go contacting, again I took the lead and had the strong impression to go down this one we went there but the only person outside was a Muslim woman, doesn't have faith in anything she said. So we continued biking. There were 5 massive dogs chasing towards Zuster Jensen and I...trying to bite us!! I started yelling at them which made them stop. As we quickly cycled away from those dogs Zuster Jensen says: "Hey, I think that´s Jason in his car. So she starts jelling: JASON!!! The car stops and to our surprise the guy in the car is Jason! It was the craziest thing ever...we biked to his car which was in the middle of the road, which is always super buy, however this time was not!
The Spirit guided us to what he needed to hear. Even though I was talking; it definitely wasn't me!! The words that I was saying was Heavenly Father´s! It was just the craziest thing ever!!! But I know that it wasn't a coincidence...Heavenly Father guided us to him!

Zuster Jensen already taught me so much. And I just know when we involve Heavenly Father in our plans...we can strengthen the Ward and change Kwatta.

I´m so excited to see what will happen this week!
I love you all!

Zuster Vernes

*The names of the people has been changed to protect their identity ( not by Zuster Vernes but by her Mom who keeps this blog)

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