Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Book of Mormon is true!

Dear family,

I have no idea where to start, its been a bit crazy. Unfortunately my previous companion Zuster Jensen had to go home. I´m still very sad, it was so much fun to be with her and I´ve learned so much from her.

I am now back in my trio with Zuster Zeegelaar & Zuster Wood. Its been extremely stressful because we are working in 2 areas this also means we had to cancel on some people..its not possible to see every one.

However  on Sunday I asked a young woman in my ward if she can be my companion for the day. Beverley will be leaving this Thursday to go to the MTC. She has been assigned to serve in the Netherlands/Belgium Mission. But her visa has not arrived yet so after the 2 weeks at the MTC she will return to Suriname ans serve her until she has her visa. This is actually very helpful cuz it means I will hopefully get a new companion and than I can serve in Kwatta again! I do not know if Beverely will be my companion because that would mean that I´ve got to train her. And I do not know if I am allowed to do that as I´m still being trained.

Any ways so yesterday she was my companion and we met up with a few investigators and less actives. Kwatta is a crazy area. For example: we went to visit the K. family (the one where the father changed his taxi schedule in order to come to church). I jumped out of the car (luckily Beverley drives, so no biking accidents for me that day :) and excitedly yelled: Zuster K!!! All of the sudden this white car stops at their house. There are children knocking on the car window with panicked faces and mouthing something I couldn´t quite understand what they were saying! The driver then rolled down his window...yelled something...and drove off!
Beverley yells: "ZUSTER, COME INTO THE CAR NOW!!"
I quickly jumped back inside. Beverley locks the doors. Still confused and very much scared I asked her what was going on? She didn't quite answer as she was looking nervously out of the window. I then see 3 big men running towards the K´s family house. I ask again: What´s going on?"
Beverley than told me that the guy in the white car said that 2 Pit-bull dogs are running wild and attacking! I then watched these 3 men catching the two  Pit-bulls ( they were massive).
Normally I wouldn't be scared but the dogs here literally attack every one and every thing!

The Lord really protects His servants!! There has been so many times where I could have gotten really hurt by dogs, cars and many more! But I´m not scared that anything will happen!! The people here really need the gospel in their lives!! I know that our Redeemer lives, I know that the Book of Mormon is true because I have the desire to share it with others. I know Heavenly Father will protect me!!

That same day we went to see Esther (name changed), she´s a 14 year old girl, who´s gotten baptized almost a year ago. I met her a few days ago near a playground. She told us that she really wants to come to church but her Mom is against it and wont allow it. It was really sad because she began to cry. I asked if there´s a day where we can come over and talk a little bit about the gospel. At around 4 O´clock Beverley and I went by her house but her little sister told us that she was sleeping.
A little disappointed we went back to the car. Saw some more people. When our 7 O´clock appointment fell through... I decided we should try Esther again. This time she was outside, she invited us in and we started to talk about the Restoration. Than her Mom comes and says with a not so happy face: "Are you from the church where she used to go?" We said: "yes" at this point I was thinking: she´s gonna kick us out! She than said: "Okay, well I will allow Esther to go to church, as long as someone there can pick her up and bring her back home."

I was so relieved and just speechless when she said that! I could not believe it! When her Mom went back inside, I turned to Esther and said: "What just happened?" She then started laughing and said that on Saturday night she bore her testimony to her Mom about the church!!
She told her that she really wants to go. I was just amazed by this 14 year old girl! Later on she told us that she is almost done reading the Book of Mormon, she´s currently in Moroni 10.
Isn't she amazing?? She hasn´t been in church for a very long time but she continued reading the Book of Mormon and she prays every day!

I know that the Book of Mormon is true! I love reading it every day!

I´m sorry it´s a bit short today but I hope you know I love you all!

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