Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Friends forever

Rainy days, not enjoying this much rain!

Friends forever

So it has been raining over here! At first it was fun cuz the water was getting above my ankles but after a while it got really cold and I didnt enjoy it too much.

Zuster Jensen and I have been serving 8 days together, I have learnt so so so much from her! This Zuster is amazing!!! She´s from Utah, loves mountain biking and is just the coolest person ever!!
 She´s been serving for a year but unfortunately because of health reason she needs to go home, I´m so sad she´s leaving I really do not want her to leave but I just know that she was here for these 8 days for me! She has helped me being a consecrated missionary!! This is what I love about her: she´s hard working, obedient, faithful, an amazing teacher and her testimony is incredibly strong!! I am just thankful that I was able to serve with her for this short period of time. Even though we haven´t served for a very long time...we´ve become very good friends and I feel like I´ve known her forever!!!

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