Wednesday, March 8, 2017

He´s been praying for the missionaries to find him - Mar 6th

This week was another good one! We have had a lot of good lessons with our investigators, less actives and active members.

First I would love to share an experience that happened this week...we were heading back home from our appointment with Zuster Loes (recent convert), as we were biking home, we past this man who was leaning against a car...smoking. We greeted him and past by, as we continued biking I had a thought which was: Contact him."
I then thought: "Nah, its okay, we just past him and its awkward to turn back."
Then I heard: "Contact him, or else God won't be able to trust you with His children."
So, we turned back. The man had a huge smile on his face. Told us that he had been trying to get our attention these past weeks. He got baptised in 2010, but hasn't come to church in a long time.
He has been praying for the missionaries to find him!

"Does the Lord trust us to be an answer to someone else´s prayer? Can He count on us to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost?"
The more we follow the Spirits promptings, the more opportunities the Lord will present to us to be the answer to someone else´s prayer. - Elder Don R. Clarke

Ashween, our investigator, is on fire!! He hasn't been drinking any coffee anymore! And he's looking forward to his baptism, we are preparing him for it, I think we only have to teach him 2 more lessons and then he's good to go. He likes us to write down what we talked about during our lesson and then he studies it. He is by far my favourite person to teach, he's so humble and teachable.

With Ashween

On Saturday our day was pretty much empty, but we were fasting and felt confident that God will place people in our paths. Every hour we were able to teach someone whether it was a contact, investigator or member. It was really great! The only hard part was that people kept offering us food and drinks, so that was awkward...once we had to decline it as they get offended, but luckily on Saturday they didn't and we just had amazing lessons with everyone.

We also rescued some kittens and found them a home, which was great.

Some one we contacted had the same King James Version bible we use! 

Keep reading the Book of Mormon, it has blessed my life, I learn something new every time I read it.

Speak to you soon, I love love you all.

Zuster Vernes

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